Binotto: Ferrari needs some changes


HeyIt’s no secret that things in ferrari are not going as expected, but the team boss Mattia Binotto made it clear that he was not planning any personnel changes.

Binotto does not believe that a change of personnel will give ferrari promotion, but he explained that the team needed to improve in order to compete for Formula 1 title.

“We don’t need to change people, but we definitely need to change some things” Binotto said.

“The way we communicate, the way we approach decision-making… changes are needed.

“It may need to add value and also add people. But changing people is not the way I want to go, it’s the old way of solving problems.”

Binotto thinks it would be “painful” if ferrari should have missed out on second place in the constructors’ standings.

At the beginning of the season, it seemed almost impossible, but after Mercedesprogress and ferraristruggling in the last races, anything can happen.

“For the result, for the way we started the season, because I think it will prove that we didn’t improve the car well enough during the season,” he added.

“And that there were too many mistakes. But we are ahead and our intention is to stay ahead.”


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