Bin Salman, alleged murderer of Khashoggi, at the inaugural ceremony in Qatar with Infantino


Mohamed bin Salman (MBS), crown prince of saudi arabia has been one of the protagonists of the opening ceremony of the World Cup that began this Sunday in Qatar. The president, who also holds the position of prime minister of that country, has sat in the presidential box next to Gianni InfantinoPresident of FIFA.

Whether this is a matter marked by protocol or a simple coincidence, the reality is that the highest representative of the International Football Federation has ended up sharing a row of seats with a president whose career, especially in recent years, has been wrapped in shadows and doubts. Not in vain, he is accused of having orchestrated the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, critical of his regime, four years ago at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul. Khashoggi was considered a “national security problem” for the crown by “the upper echelons of Saudi Arabia.”

The subsequent investigations in relation to this case provided evidence that clearly pointed to the Saudi president despite the fact that he has always denied his involvement. The recordings captured by the Turkish intelligence services later showed how a group of men recently arrived from Saudi Arabia drugged, murdered and dismembered the journalist.

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The photo between MBS and Infantino takes place just 24 hours after the controversial speech by FIFA president in which he defended the celebration of this World Cup against the “hypocrisy” of Europe. “Today I feel qatari, Arab, African, gay, disabled Y migrant worker“He pointed out during his speech.

Infantino has not been the only one who has had no qualms about being photographed with Bin Salman. This same year, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, invited the Saudi prince to receive him with all the honors and thus underpin a series of important bilateral investments between the two countries. Mohamed bin Salmán has also visited this 2022 Greece Y France on his first official visit to European Union (EU) countries since the journalist’s 2018 murder.

Joe Biden also went to Saudi Arabia in search of trade agreements that would benefit its economy. A script twist in the foreign policy of the United States that the American president did not hesitate to justify: the first world power needs the Gulf monarchy to open the oil tap.

The oil that hides under the desert that covers the country has given his family the opportunity to become one of the most powerful in the Middle East and around the world. Along with football, the Formula 1 It has been another of the showcases in which the Arab president has tried to gain international relevance. The Grand Prix held in Saudi Arabia since 2021 it has its explanation in the large sum of money that the prince pays to compete in his country.

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In fact, one of the reasons why this year, despite the context of insecurity surrounding the race -a rocket hit a few kilometers from the circuit-, it was finally held, was due to pressure from Bin Salman.

Despite the aforementioned situations, the president does not cease in his intention to meet with the main world leaders and with the highest positions of important organizations. His fortune, his investment plans and, above all, the power of his family in an area where trade is booming make it difficult to deny a photo to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.



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