Bimba y Lola’s jeans to get out of the typical jeans


By now we all know how important it is to have jeans in our closet at any time of the year. Now that spring has begun, Bimba y Lola suggests us some different jeans, with a very original design but nothing flashy. In addition to being ideal for all occasions, they are also very comfortable.

The most characteristic thing about Bimba y Lola’s jeans is blue tiger print. Animal print is always a trend, and every season is a new design in fashion: snake, cow … This spring it’s the snake print’s turn, and these pants are fantastic to show off in all their glory.

In blue and straight cut, they have a high waist and design with five pockets. The closure is the jeans’ classic: with a zipper and button. In addition, the jeans have a belt loop, so we can add a belt to them.

As we read in Bimba and Lola’s website, «This product has been manufactured with at least 20% recycled fiber to reduce the use of new natural resources». The company has for several years had a strong commitment to environmental protection.

The idea with high-waisted trousers is to combine them with a short top or blouse to visually lengthen the legs and make the silhouette look more stylized. This season, there are several garments that are trendy, so we can invest in them to create a very stylish look.

Inspired by fashion experts, why not choose one top cut out made in ribbed knitting? If we want to give a touch of elegance to the look, we can add one blazer and loafers or plates.

If we are not afraid to take risks when we dress, we can choose one blouse with animal print, but not with a tiger design, but with a leopard or a snake. To balance the look, it is best to choose shoes in a neutral color, such as nude or beige.

The jeans with blue tiger print are on sale in the Bimba y Lola online store for 115 euros, from sizes 34 to 42. They are one of the star garments in the brand’s new collection for this season, so we would not be surprised if they sell out within a few days. Jump, they’re flying!

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