Bimba y Lola: The boots at a low price on Primark


One of nice shoes for this one autumn 2021 These are Chelsea-style soccer shoes with elastic sides. A type of exchange that has become one of the best sellers of Bimba and Lola but which we can also find in “low cost” companies that is the case Primark, which has also launched them with a really cheap price. Let us know then Bimba and Lola’s star boots at a low price on Primark.

Bimba y Lola star boots, at a low price on Primark

One of the companies that talks the most this season, not only about their bags, but also about their shoe suggestions, is Bimba and Lola which makes a very clear bet on boots and foot boots autumn among which a base model in black that has elastic in the sides.

Certain foot boots that also have a high rubber sole marked by shoe trends for this autumn season 2021. An ankle that Bimba y Lola sells at a price of 195 € but which currently has a 20% discount so they will cost us 156 € (sizes from 36 to 41). The company also gives us one idea to wear them: with some light-colored jeans as these will also take a lot these months (remember we recently talked about light beige jeans which are trendy and which Primark has launched exactly).

primark boots

And if you do not want to buy the Bimba y Lola model and you prefer it “low cost” version, you will not have to do many laps because you have them among the fall news of Primark. The Irish company is thus launching some boots similar to those of the Spanish company which are also made of black color, with an elastic band laterally and the important rubber sole.

An ankle boot maybe lower or “nice” than Bimba y Lola but which is also trendy. In addition, the price is really affordable because it will only cost us 21 € (sizes 36 to 41).

Whether you choose one model or the other, you can be sure that you will wear it autumn “must” when it comes to shoes that in addition to combining with jeans as we have just seen, they can also be very good if you wear them, for example with an elastic knitted dress, a green skirt or even short or «mini».

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