Bills 14-17 Chiefs Live: KC’s long drive ends Butker FG from 39 yards


TThe final game of the NFL Divisional Playoffs is a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game between Kansas City Chiefs (seed #2) and buffalo bills (seeds No. 3).

Kansas City want to reach Super Bowl third year in a row. Follow all the action here, live from Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

3rd Quarter – 7:01am – Long KC drive ends with Butker FG 39 yards

On the 3rd and 2nd, Mahomes passed the ball to McKinnon to take the first down. Hill got a new series of downs after a short pass from his QB to get inside territory of accounts.

On 3rd and 5th, Mahomes found Hill by four positions. 4th and 1, which Kansas City decided to go for, successfully making the first down thanks to McKinnon gaining 20 yards from a short pass from his QB. On Game 3 and Game 8, Mahomes rushed for the first down, but the penalty holder in violation called the game off and dropped them 10 yards.

On the 3 and 18, Mahomes could not do anything with the possession of the ball, forcing special teams on the field. Butker did not miss this time, furtively 39-yard field goal inside messages to take the lead.

BREAK – Billy 14-14 Chiefs

Mahomes completed a long pass to Hill and entered the opponent’s territory with 23 seconds left in the half. On 2nd and 6th, with 16 seconds left, Mahomes found Kelsey had reached field goal distance.

Mahomes made one last attempt to reach the end zone before Harrison Butker was brought onto the field to try to regain the lead with a 50-yard field goal, but unfortunately the shot went wide of the goal post. The Chiefs will get the ball to start the third quarter.

2nd Quarter – 00:37 – Buffalo to tie after passing 75 yards in 75 seconds.

After a long finish on Beasley and a short pass to Diggs, Allen found himself on the 50-yard line in 2nd and 8th. Gabriel Davis took the first try, and Buffalo called a timeout to stop the watch from winding before the break.

Allen rushed a couple of times to score a first down next to red zone, going out of bounds to stop the clock. With 42 seconds left in the quarter, Davis caught an Allen TD pass to end the game. 7-game drive (75 yards).

Q2 – 1:52 – Pringle catches a TD pass from Mahomes and KC takes the lead

On the 3rd and 6th, Mahomes found that the Pringle completed a long ride that took over seven minutes. It was Pringle’s third catch of the 19-yard game and one touchdown.

2nd quarter – 2:00 – Mahomes in the red zone

Mahomes found Travis Kelsey on the first play for a 21-yard drive. He followed that pass with a 13-yard pass for Byron Pringle for back to back first downs.

Mahomes then made an incredible pass Tyreke Hill for the third straight first down. Clyde Edwards Heler continued to move the chains to Kansas City to set up the first try at the opposing 21-yard line.

On 2nd and 13th, after Hill lost a few yards, Mahomes found an Edwards-Helera in the air to open 3rd and 3rd. McKinnon made a new series of downs to reach the red zone before Ed Oliver fired Mahomes due to the loss of seven people.

Buffalo penalty-holding quarterback Dane Jackson gave Kansas City an automatic first down. v two minute warning finally gave the Buffalo defense a chance to catch their breath.

2nd Quarter – 8:50 AM – Back-to-back strikes for Buffalo

Singletary got a 7-yard carry to set up 2nd and 3rd at the 50-yard line. A couple of plays later, Buffalo was forced to punt for the second straight time in that game.

2nd Quarter – 10:31 – Kansas City Panty

The punt Buffalo left Kansas City on her own 1 yard line and failed to move the chains more than five yards. Allen will return to the field at his 43-yard line.

2nd quarter – 12:59 – Allen fired due to third loss

Allen rushed down first gear in 3rd and 1st, but KC’s defense managed to stop the offense before he hit the field goal zone. Allen was fired on the 3rd and 10th Melvin Ingram. This is the first time Buffalo has hit in his last 13 drives of 10 touchdowns.

END OF Q1 – Billy 7-7 Leaders

On the 3rd and 4th Allen made the first down conversion to Diggs. They are now in 2nd and 9th near the 50-yard line to start the second quarter. Kansas City Security Tyranne Mathieu has been ejected from the game and is being tested for a concussion.

1st Quarter – 2:26 – Mahomes rushes for TD to tie the score

Kansas City’s first possession began with a short run. Jeric McKinnon before short passage Patrick Mahomes To Tyreke Hill without benefit. In games 3 and 6, Mahomes ran into trouble with outside pressure causing the pocket to collapse, but he was able to pass McKinnon with a shovel on the first down.

After a few performances again on 3rd and 6th, Mahomes kicked for 35 yards and scored a first down at the opponent’s 26-yard line. This Mahomes’ longest run this season, followed by another first-down conversion as the defense threatened to fire him.

v red zone, 3rd and 5th Mahomes rushed to to land complete a long journey. He rushed three times for a total of 49 yards on the scoring throw.

Q1 – 8:03am – Buffalo leads after scoring touchdown at drive opener

Devin Singletery took the first down immediately after the pass from Josh Allen. Dropped catch Dawson-Knox, short route Stephon Diggs, and a 7 yard gain on Cole Beasley led to a 4th and 2nd at the 50-yard line, which Allen turned into a successful first down conversion after a well thought out run.

Single and Isaiah Mackenzie were able to lengthen the drive by moving the chains while the game was running. The first drive, which consisted of 13 draws in seven minutes, ended on 4th and GOAL with the Singletary racing into the end zone for a touchdown.

Divisional round game begins

The leaders won the toss and adjourned. The Bills will get the first hit and Josh Allen will start on his own on 29.

Kansas City Chiefs Inactive

Buffalo Bills is inactive


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