Bill Gates warns of a looming global economic crisis


TThe founder of Microsoft, now a philanthropist and one of the richest people in the world, always has his own opinion on current events.

billionaire Bill Gates opinion has already been formed about the crisis that the world will experience due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Actually, gates also linked the cause of the crisis to the COVID pandemic, which is still raging in many parts of the world.

In an interview with CNN, the Windows creator made it clear in his responses that the current economic situation, combined with the coronavirus health crisis, will have multiple repercussions in all states because “government debt levels are already very high.” , very high, and there were already problems in the supply chain.”

Per gatesall the problems that exist today will lead to an economic recession in the world in the near future.

“This is likely to accelerate the inflationary problems that the rich world economy is facing and likely cause interest rates to rise, which will eventually cause an economic downturn,” Gates told American Network reporters during an interview.

The philanthropist is concerned about the position of the pessimists, as their argument seems to be correct.

“I’m afraid the pessimists have a pretty strong argument that worries me a lot,” gates said.

He then sent advice to society to prepare in the best possible way to be able to overcome this situation: “You can only be optimistic in the long run if you are pessimistic enough to survive in the short run.”


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