Big coffee beauty: Who is the beauty queen of the star?


“We awaken your beauty.” With this motto, they promise Tasha beauty Fully participate in the overall care of the client. Located in the heart of Madrid’s Castellana Avenue, this beauty center has been a favorite for years for influencers, actresses and other well-known female faces who don’t hesitate to put themselves in the hands of its professional staff . skin Yes body care. They have many prominent names in the clinic file: Paula EchevarriaNuria Roca, Maria Pombo, Marta Hazas, Pilar Rubio, Blanca SuarezHiba Abouk, Maribel Verdú, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Paula Ordovás, Rossana Zanetti, Carla Hinojosa or Marta Carriedo are just some of those who have passed or have been prepared through their facilities.

Paula Echevarría with her daughter Daniella, on Tacha / Instagram @paueche

Of all these, maybe Paula Echevarria The biggest champ because she often posts when she has to get treatment or change her hairstyle.Asturian actress fully dedicated to this temple beauty, so much so that he persuaded his daughter and his partner Miguel Torres to go there too. But who is behind Tacha Beauty?

At the age of nearly 60, Natalie Dela Vega is the person in charge of managing this successful beauty center.A month ago, she served as the flag bearer at a gala party on the first anniversary of the museum’s opening. Tasha beauty Don Pepe Gran Hotel Meliá in Marbella. The best symptom of Tacha’s work is that they have opened another agency in the capital of the Costa del Sol in 2021. Natalia is the boss, but she’s actually friends with influencers, which is why she’s part of their program.

The Tacha Empire started in Madrid thirty years ago and has been expanding little by little. It currently has three locations: one at Paseo de la Castellana, another at the Paseo de la Castellana English Court, and another near the Zarzuela Hippodrome. The services they offer include various facial retouchings, as well as other services such as massages or hairdressing. Everything is for women, although they also cater to male audiences, albeit less frequently, as in the case of Miguel Torres.

Paula Echevarría, at Tacha/Instagram
Paula Echevarría, at Tacha/Instagram

Natalia de la Vega is clear on why celebrities choose Tacha: » I think what sets Tacha Beauty apart is the concept itself and the human team behind it. This is a comprehensive beauty center where you can take care of your hair and enjoy the best of face, body, medical, lifestyle…all without leaving the center!What it offers the client is time, which is the most important thing today,” he commented in an interview Teva.


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