Biden’s top national security official served aboard the terror group


Our national security is being dismantled from within.

When José Padilla, a Muslim convert terrorist, was arrested, Human Rights First became its most vocal supporters. The left-wing group, originally founded under the auspices of France’s League for Human Rights, which historically included many communists, including Ho Chi Minh, was one of the most extreme voices against our effort to fight the Islamic terrorists who murder us. .

Human Rights First continues to demand that Guantanamo be closed, warning that even saying the words “Islamic terrorism” is wrong. He bizarrely argued that “there is no reliable data to substantiate the claim that the United States is disproportionately threatened by foreign terrorists.” And he warned that designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group would only fuel more terrorism by the religion that will not be named lest its members blow us up.

Last year, HRF marked the anniversary of 9/11 by criticizing “post-9/11 policies that have given rise to anti-Muslim sentiment” and demanded that the United States “leave behind its narrowly focused and myopic approach to security… 11 of September”.

With its own people inside, the HRF is well positioned to dismantle our national security.

The Biden administration awarded HRF two high-profile roles for members of its board of directors. Secretary of State Blinken, who had been vice chair of the HRF board of directors, was left in charge of our overall foreign policy, and Matthew G. Olsen was nominated to serve as Assistant Attorney General for Homeland Security for the Department of Justice.

Matthew Olsen, who had made millions working as Uber’s head of security, now, in the words of one biography, “leads the Justice Department’s mission to combat terrorism, espionage, cybercrime and other threats to national security.” . No one could be less fit for the job.

In the 2016 election, Olsen had written a time magazine op-ed titled, “Why ISIS Supports Donald Trump.” The former National Counterterrorism Center official claimed ISIS members supported Trump and then, a year later, joined the board of a group fighting to free terrorists.

Like most leftist smears, Olsen’s accusations were more about the accuser than the accused.

Olsen continued to provide supporting reporting in the Arab American Civil Rights League v. Trump and many other court cases filed to stop the Muslim travel ban and border wall.

In 2019, Olsen co-authored an op-ed stating, “we serve at the highest levels of the US homeland security community. We are here to tell you that the president’s assertion of an emergency along the border it is false”. A year earlier, she had co-authored another editorial, along with James Clapper, arguing: “We have worked to stop terrorism. Trump’s travel ban fuels it.”

The only thing he could be sure of when it came to national security and Olsen, whatever he said about terrorism and national security, was the exact opposite.

In reality, Olsen’s great achievement in fighting terrorism had been lying about the Benghazi attack, falsely claiming that the attack was unplanned and that it was a response to a YouTube video.

Olsen later proved that “it came: the discussion about removing the video was part of our conversation on this call that really focused on what was happening in Benghazi.”

The point man on national security has built his career working to undermine it. He cares a lot about the civil rights of Islamic terrorists, much less Americans.

Olsen, who had worked at the Washington Post Before I started law school, I had a resume that painfully demonstrated that the destruction of our national security had been an inside job.

After starting out as a trial lawyer in the DOJ’s civil rights division, a center for leftist activists, he somehow made the leap to head of the national security section just two years later and just six years after finishing the law School.

From there, he became the special adviser to FBI Director Mueller, and under Obama, he was appointed to head the Guantanamo Review Task Force, whose job it was to shut down Guantanamo and release as many terrorists as possible. Olsen would later insist that Obama was right and only “politics” kept him from finishing the job Biden is aggressively advancing.

A year later, he graduated to serve as general counsel for the National Security Agency.

A fawning profile on MSNBC claimed that Olsen’s job “required striking a balance on uncertain and often shifting legal terrain” between the Constitution and spying on people. Under Obama, the NSA would become notorious for spying on Americans, including members of Congress, especially when defending its plot to finance Islamic terrorism through the “Iran Deal.”

Olsen was also described as working on the Iran Nuclear Deal Review Act.

In the first year of the Trump administration, while illegal Russiagate surveillance was being explored, Olsen wrote an editorial arguing that forcing the FBI to obtain a warrant to seek information involving Americans would “severely harm national security investigations.” ”.

When it came to spying on the Americans, Olsen suddenly became concerned about national security.

Another editorial attacked a Trump appointee for promoting what Olsen called a “conspiracy theory that a secret society within the Department of Justice and the FBI worked to prevent Trump’s election.”

A conspiracy? Radicals operating within the Department of Justice? Absurd.

By then, Olsen had left government and joined WestExec Advisors, a consultancy co-founded by future Secretary of State Blinken, whose senior staff included future press secretary Jen Psaki as well as Biden’s director of national intelligence. , deputy director of the CIA, deputy attorney general, and a host of other positions.

He worked as a contributor to ABC News and joined the board of Human Rights First, along with Blinken and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mullen. On HRF, Olsen argued that restricting the arrivals of terrorist states to stop Islamic terrorism would only help ISIS.

“Human Rights First’s work on issues ranging from national security to refugee protection has never been more important. I am excited and proud to have the opportunity to support the mission of Human Rights First,” Olsen gushed.

The “mission” included calling on the federal government to “halt immigration enforcement during the coronavirus emergency” and opposing the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

HRF not only opposed the use of Title 42 to stop the invasion of immigrants, but also made a submission to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights accusing the United States of violating the 1951 Refugee Convention and urging the UN to take Values.

This was one of several submissions by the HRF to the UN against the United States.

No one has asked Secretary of State Blinken or Olsen if they support HRF’s work to undermine the United States through the auspices of the United Nations. Although Olsen is no longer a member of the HRF board, at least one of these presentations appears to have taken place during his tenure.

Olsen’s wife, Fern Shepard, is a trustee of the radical environmental group Earthjustice. She is also the president of Rachel’s Network, named after eco-prankster Rachel Carson, who has worked hard to fight for illegal immigrants and against border security.

Earthjustice, where Shephard was a lawyer, and Rachel’s Network share a sponsor, the McIntosh Foundation, which manages the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company fortune. Foundation companies include ClientEarth, a legal operation claiming to represent the planet, operating in multiple countries and collaborating with communist China.

Communist China has enthusiastically supported environmentalism as a means to destroy our economy and make us dependent on its resources and industries. And China has also taken advantage of its own “environmental” policies to accelerate the depopulation of rural areas and persecute minorities to provide labor for its industrial machinery.

ClientEarth boasts that they “work with China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Supreme People’s Court, and other government actors to write better laws and regulations,” claims to have “trained 1,200 judges and prosecutors to date,” and celebrates the “80,000 public environmentalist”. Chinese prosecutors have filed cases of interest across the country in 2020 alone.”

Working to expand the enforcement mechanism of a brutal totalitarian regime responsible for the mass murder and persecution of millions should be a sign of shame, not pride.

The proximity of the wife of the Assistant Attorney General for National Security to an organization involved with China’s communist regime raises questions, but there are far more serious problems with her role at Human Rights First. The rise of a civil rights prosecutor to increasingly important roles in the fight against terrorism speaks volumes about the dismantling of national security. A process that began with Obama and accelerated rapidly with Biden.

HRF has gone from attacking our security from without to dismantling it from within.


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