Biden’s Nuke Drag Queen Steals Another Suitcase, Media Blames Republicans


You may remember Sam Brinton from previous baggage thefts like these.

Sam Brinton, bald and with lipstick on his mustache, was promoted from “kinky activist” to “assistant assistant secretary for waste disposal and spent fuel.”

The drag queen, known for wearing red dresses and high heels, and who calls herself “they,” was celebrated as the first “gender fluid” person in the federal government. She has now gone AWOL after stealing a woman’s luggage and clothes.

According to alpha news, Brinton flew to Minneapolis-St. Paul from Washington DC, where she grabbed a woman’s luggage at the airport and drove off with it.

She opened her bag and put her clothes in the drawers of her hotel room.

This seems to have been a habit with Brinton.

Brinton, who made history as one of the federal government’s first gender-fluid officials, allegedly stole another traveler’s luggage at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas on an unknown date, according to the outlet.

Details about the alleged robbery are scant, but 8 News Now stated that Brinton, 35, was charged with grand theft involving between $1,200 and $5,000.

I hate to say this, but isn’t stealing stuff the best way to honor Harry Reid’s memory?

A recent article by a gay rights activist documented what I said earlier, that everyone knew Brinton was pathological. They just think about ignoring it.

The red flags regarding Brinton were overwhelming and obvious to all who cared to see them. Unfortunately, some of America’s leading LGBTQ+ activists and organizations pointedly ignored Brinton’s shortcomings.

Brinton famously claimed that he was tortured as part of gay conversion therapy. But he was never able to name the alleged therapist.

One also wonders how Brinton can remember vibrant and unusually specific details about his therapy experience, but not the identity of his therapist. In one surprising instance, they told NBC News: “There were seven King James Bibles stacked on the coffee table,” recalling the conversion therapist’s small office in an Orlando, Florida, strip mall.

In his Queerty post, Brinton said: “I can imagine [the therapist] Clear as day in my nightmares.” If that’s true, why hasn’t Brinton tried to identify this monster by finding the photo of him online? After all, how many conversion therapists are there in the Orlando area? Have they ever reached out to experts in the region to help find this abhorrent culprit who is presumably still preying on children?

I warned NCLR that they need to verify Brinton’s testimony before using it. I said that if Brinton is not who he says he is, it would undermine our reputation and our anti-conversion efforts. NCLR responded that “we must believe all the survivors.” I replied: “Yes, we should trust, but shouldn’t we also verify?” Apparently not.

Brinton rose to a senior government post where he made it abundantly clear that he is unstable. But that was obvious to anyone paying attention. However, the identity policy made it possible to point out the obvious until he was caught stealing luggage.

However, the media narrative is the predictable “Republican attack.”

“The GOP jumps on Biden official Sam Brinton’s second theft allegation: blames ‘Wokeness’ for his hiring” — Forbes.

The Biden administration elevates the madman to a position of high responsibility because of identity politics… and the Republicans pounce.

Nothing is ever the fault of the left. They are always the victims, be it imaginary conversion therapists or Republican attacks.


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