Biden will pardon those convicted of marijuana possession: first step towards legalizing it


America president, Joe Bidenwill pardon all marijuana possession convicted at the federal level through an executive order, the White House announced Thursday.

“Send people to prison just to have marijuana has affected the lives of too many people, which means that someone is prison is legal in many states,” Biden said in a video announcing the decision.

Senior U.S. administration officials explained in a call with reporters that the order will affect those convicted at the federal level, none of whom are currently in prison, although Biden will encourage state governors to do the same.

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“We estimate that there are approximately 6,500 federal convictions for marijuana possession compared to 1,000 in the FBI direct currentwill benefit from this decision,” an official said on a conference call.

In many cases, these beliefs make it difficult for those affected to obtain housing or employment.

However, most marijuana possession convictions occur at the state level, so the Democratic presidential administration will urge governors across the country to do the same.

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The announcement is part of a series of executive actions Biden has announced to try to take steps to legalize marijuana, one of his election promises that have been slowed by a lack of agreement in Congress.

Biden decided to speed up the process and roll out a series of measures to ease the burden of marijuana possession convictions on a large segment of society, particularly the country’s non-white population.



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