Biden warns U.S. will respond if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine


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America president, Joe Bidenwarned his government on Thursday Russia ‘will respond’ if it uses chemical weapons in Ukraineand assured that those retaliations would depend on the “nature of Moscow’s use” of the weapon.

At a news conference in Brussels, Biden also pledged, after attending two NATO and G7 summits, that The Atlantic Alliance “has never been more united than it is today”.

The President of the United States also said on Thursday Russia should be kicked out of G20 Because of his invasion of Ukraine.

Biden added that if other members of the group do not agree to expel Russia, they should at least allow Ukraine to also participate in meetings of the multilateral mechanism.

warn China

Biden told his Chinese counterparts, Xi Jinpingwhich will put ‘jeopardising’ its relationship with the Westespecially with the US and the European Union (EU), if it helps Russia in Ukraine.

“I’ve made it clear to him that if he continues to help Russia, he’s putting himself in grave danger,” Biden said.

shortage of food

The U.S. president said Thursday that heFood shortages ‘will be a reality’ This is one of the issues that you are discussing with your interlocutors in Brussels today.

The cost of sanctions will not be just on RussiaThis will involve many countries, including European countries and our country,” Biden told a news conference.


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