Biden warns Hurricane Ian is ‘deadliest in history’ with ‘significant loss of life’


This Hurricane Ian “Probably the deadliest in Florida history.” That’s the bluntness of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, are on high alert after numerous losses and power outages through Cuba and Florida.Although Biden is still afraid to give the number of deaths “because it is not clear”, he is sure it may be “Major loss of life”.

Destruction leaving the channel Ian They are countless.rainfall has exceeded 100 liters per square meter Sea levels have risen by about five meters.seen shark swimming Through floodwaters and roofs dragged by currents.

11 million Cubans have no electricity grid, It has completely collapsed due to extreme weather conditions, 200 km/h wind gusts and heavy rain.

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Biden gave an update on the response to the hurricane, which made landfall on Wednesday and continued to push through Florida on Thursday, during a visit to the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

In the report collected by EFE, Biden highlights 1,000 members have been deployed The federal agency in Florida, where millions of liters of water, food and hundreds of generators have been sent.

President of the United States said Federal government to cover ‘100%’ cost of hurricanesIncluding debris removal and deployment to save lives in the rubble. Biden also said most of the cost would go toward rebuilding schools.

The federal government will provide Financial Personal Aid For those individuals who have lost their homes and caused extensive material damage to their homes due to Ian, mainly if their insurance does not cover the above.

missing cuban

exist Cuba Things are getting better. With Hurricane Ian already in the southern United States, the island is slowly recovering from power outages and flooding. At least two people diedIt’s about a man and a woman whose house fell on them in Binar del Río, one of the country’s most western and worst-affected provinces.

The western coastal areas of Cuba suffered severe floods.A lot of Towns are quarantined Agriculture was severely damaged. In Binar del Río, the losses were “severe”, including in the region of tobacco, one of Cuba’s most exported products. There are no official economic damage figures yet.

The U.S. Coast Guard continues to search for 20 Cubans who went missing Wednesday in a shipwreck in the Florida Keys, after spending “days” on the high seas with 15-meter surf.

“It’s dangerous, but Freedom is worth more than the dangers we take‘, a rescued Cuban told local TV station WPLG on Thursday.



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