Biden Snaps: ‘You think I don’t know how old I am?’


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A trigger-happy temper is a sign of advanced dementia, as is having rude or crude outbursts in public. And that’s how Politico revealed Tuesday that old Joe Biden is infuriated by oft-voiced concerns about his age from what he no doubt believes should be a thoroughly fawning news outlet. The presumed president reportedly snapped, “You think I don’t know how old I am?”

Biden’s frustration and anger are understandable: He’s not getting any younger. But somebody should sit old Joe down, put on Matlock, give him a tall glass of Metamucil and tell him to control himself. After all, it’s us who have to bear the brunt of his retired bungling and proxy socialist dumpster fire, not Biden himself.

Actually, Biden’s question is fair. Does he really know how old he is? In October, he told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart: “I can’t even tell how old I’m going to be. I can’t even get it out of my mouth.” It was assumed at the time that Biden meant that he was so old that he could barely cope with the idea, but quite possibly Old Joe simply meant that he wasn’t exactly sure of the number. After all, on Wednesday, the Washington Free Beacon noted that Biden “often gets confused by big numbers and doesn’t seem to know the difference between a million, a trillion, and a trillion.” Confusion: There is another sign of dementia. Biden also “recently recalled how America ‘led the world starting around 19-5 and 6 and 7 and 8.’ He isn’t entirely sure how many manufacturing jobs have been created under his tenure. Somewhere between 628 and 38,000? He claims to have visited 54 states.

So is it really unreasonable to wonder if Old Joe really knows he’s 80? And that he will be the first 86-year-old president of the United States if he follows through with his crazy plan to run again in 2024 and receives enough mail-in votes from the friends and associates of his parents, grandparents, and uncles to put him in the running. higher? Biden actually quoted his father this week: “My dad used to [to] say, ‘Pet checks a lot more than, you know, it’s about your dignity.’” Sage!

Biden is not the only Democrat doing his best to deny the obvious. Rep. Mike Levin (D-California SSR) marveled: “I just hope and pray that when I’m 80 I still have that kind of energy.” Mike Levin is 44 years old, which means that when he was born, Biden had been in the Senate for five years. Just weeks before young Mike turned ten, old Joe dropped out of the race for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination after being exposed as a habitual and accomplished liar.

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