Biden said to the author of the Kabul attack: “We will hunt you down, and we will make you pay for it.”

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America president, Joe Biden, Affirmed this Thursday that his country will not forgive the author of the book Kabul Airport attacked, He will persecute them and make them pay for the attack. “We feel angry and hurt. We will not forgive you and we will not forget it. We will hunt you down, and we will make you pay,” he emphasized.

Biden was visibly shaken and gave a speech to the whole country, after which 12 U.S. soldiers died The Islamic State (IS) organization claimed that the Kabul airport was attacked and 15 others were injured.

Warriors who gave their lives are heroes. Heroes with a mission to save the lives of others participated in an evacuation operation unprecedented in history. More than 100,000 Afghans helped us and American citizens evacuate. In the past 12 hours, we have successfully removed another 7,000 people with the most generous army in the world. We feel angry and painful. The lives we lost today were given for freedom and safety; serving in the United States. Those who launched this attack, like anyone who attacked the United States, we will neither forgive you nor forget. I will use everything I have to defend my people“, He continued.


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