Biden pushes for South Carolina to lead presidential primaries –


(NewsNation) — President Joe Biden announced he’s in support of a shakeup to the Democrats’ presidential nominating process, making South Carolina the first state to vote, instead of Iowa, The Hill reported


Under the plan laid out, South Carolina would be the first primary, followed by Nevada, New Hampshire, Georgia and Michigan, meaning the traditional lead-off vote in Iowa would be out of the first five.

Who’s talking about this?

The left. According to NewsNation’s Partner Ground News39% of the outlets reporting the president’s endorsement lean to the left.

Just 12% of news outlets reporting this news leaned right, according to Ground News.

Is this really happening?

in a letter to the Ddemocratic nationthe Committee, Biden listed a number of principles that should be considered as they decide the nominating calendar for 2024.

The president stated the first primary should represent the diversity of all Democratic voters.


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