Biden Handlers Convey Condolences To Victims Of Israeli Terror And Muslim Terrorists


“This is why I hate the Biden Administration on Israel-Palestine.”

In response to the Muslim terrorist attacks that killed and injured several Israelis, the Biden administration responded with a statement saying that “we condemn today’s terrorist attack and extend our deep condolences to the families and loved ones of Israeli and Palestinian civilians.” .

As Caroline Glick indicated, “What Palestinian civilians? A Palestinian terrorist killed 3 Israelis and wounded three more. This is shameful”.

Former Ambassador David Friedman had commented: “Heartbroken by the news of two Israelis killed and three more in critical condition at the hands of a Palestinian terrorist in Ariel. Praying for the souls that have been lost and for those that are still clinging to life. I don’t think the FBI is losing much sleep over this.”

Andrea Karshan, a former Muslim journalist, he pointed that, “youThe Palestinians who were delicate they were attacking IDF soldiers and Israelis civilians. Why is the State Department offering condolences to them? This is why I hate the Biden Administration in Israel- Palestine.”

The Biden administration is demonstrating growing hostility and disdain in response to a new pro-Israel government in Jerusalem. The FBI investigation and statements like these are opening shots in what is likely to be a protracted DC political cold war against Israel.


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