Biden believes it “unlikely” that the missile that killed two people in Poland was fired from Russia


The President of the USA, Joe Bidenconsiders it “improbable” that the missile that killed two people in Poland were shot from Russia.

These statements have been made from Bali, where he is attending the G20 meeting, and after meeting with several G7 allies: “I don’t want to confirm it before we complete an investigation, but it is unlikely in view of the lines of the trajectory that it was fired from Russia”, has clarified according to reports Reuters.

The explosion at a facility near the border with Ukraine occurred when Russia was attacking a nearby energy infrastructure in Ukrainian territory and bombarded kyiv in one of the hardest attacks of these nine months of war.

Most of the world leaders gathered in Indonesia have not wanted to make forceful statements pending the conclusions of the investigation being carried out by Poland.

However, as published PAUS officials believe that initial findings suggest that the missile that exploded was fired by Ukrainian forces at a Russian missile that was approaching

Hours before this information became known, the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, He had assured that it was “probably a Russian-made missile”, but there was no concrete evidence of who fired it, and that it was an isolated incident.

For its part, the Russian Ministry of Defense has denied that any Russian missiles have hit Polish territory and described such reports as “a deliberate provocation intended to escalate the situation”.

Image of the meeting that Biden has held with his allies, including Pedro Sánchez.


emergency meeting

The US president made these statements after calling an emergency meeting with several NATO members and EU representatives, including Spanish President Pedro Sánchez. Japan was also included, although it does not belong to any of these organizations.

NATO ambassadors are expected to meet later on Wednesday.

For his part, the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, has issued a note on what happened in Poland in which he called for an “exhaustive investigation” into the events.

Guterres “is very concerned by the reports about the explosion of a missile on Polish territory. It is absolutely essential to avoid an escalation of the war in Ukraine,” said the spokesman for the General Secretariat, Farhan Haq, in a brief statement that he has collected efe.

The Spanish president has participated in these international meetings in which he wants to give an image of unity against Russia: “Today, the leaders of Canada, the European Commission, the European Council, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States have met on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Bali (…). We offer our full support and assistance with the ongoing investigation into Poland,” the world leaders stated in a letter released by the American White House.

The heads of state and government have agreed to remain “in close contact” to determine “the appropriate next steps” as the investigation in Poland progresses, condemning in turn “the barbaric attacks” with missiles that Russia has perpetrated in the cities and civil infrastructure of Ukraine during the day on Tuesday, according to reports efe.

“We reaffirm our strong support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the face of ongoing Russian aggression, as well as our continued readiness to hold Russia accountable for its brazen attacks on Ukrainian communities, even as the G20 meets to discuss the broader impacts of war”, wields the joint communiqué.

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