Biden administration sends FBI after incoming Netanyahu administration


The Biden regime is preparing to renew Obama’s attack on Israel.

Despite putting some aggressively anti-Israel figures on the Israel-PLO beat, the Biden administration has had limited interest in the Jewish state. There were too many domestic concerns and Russia-Ukraine had managed to get most of the foreign policy oxygen out of the room.

That may be about to change.

After Israeli voters endorsed a Netanyahu-led centrist-conservative coalition, the Biden administration fired the first shot even before the new government took office.

The inciting incident here is the death of Qatari propagandist Shireen Abu Akleh who operates on behalf of the Islamic state’s Al Jazeera network, favored by jihadists from Osama bin Laden to Hamas.

Abu Akleh was killed while operating in a war zone in May. No one is sure who killed her, but Islamic terrorists and Israeli soldiers were in a firefight at the time. The terrorists and their political allies blame Israel. (Google’s microcapsule summary scandalously describes the terror network employee as “murdered”.) They have tried to turn her into another Khashoggi with a permanent blood libel.

Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration leaned toward that narrative, but went no further.

Until now.

The US Department of Justice recently informed the Israel Ministry of Justice that the FBI has opened an investigation into the death of Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was killed in May while covering an Israeli military raid in the occupied city. from Jenin, West Bank, Israeli officials. she said Monday.

Why it matters: Such research is highly unusual. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz called the FBI’s decision “a serious mistake” and said Israel will refuse to cooperate.

The investigation could lead to a request by the United States to investigate the soldiers who participated in the operation, a request that Israel would almost certainly reject.

The investigation could also lead to tensions between the Biden administration and the Israeli government.

As it is meant to do.

This is the first in a series of manufactured crises that the Biden administration is provoking against the incoming Netanyahu government.

Why use the FBI to launch an investigation of Israeli actions against Islamic terrorists now? And where are all the FBI investigations into US citizens murdered by taxpayer-funded PLO-backed terrorists?

Biden’s NSC spokesman called the propagandist for the Qatari terror network, “an intrepid reporter whose journalism and search for the truth earned her the respect of audiences around the world.”

The timing here is pretty clear. The Biden regime is preparing to renew Obama’s attack on Israel.


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