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Last Saturday, Bianka Giroux healed her “friend” with a cockade and cracked ribs. It’s similar when your name is Marc-André Barriault and you return from a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight in Las Vegas hosted by the prestigious UFC. Even sitting on the patio of a cafe in Boca Raton, Marc-André exudes extraordinary energy. And the ribs? ” It just bothers me a little when I bend over. You, like me, would request hospitalization for three months. But Marc-André, he… that’s pretty cool! With Bianca, they are not the type to stop easily!

They must not be more than seventy-five on the planet to be qualified to face at middleweight what is nicknamed “PowerBar”, 32 years old, 84 kilos of muscles at 1.85 m. He fights on average three times a year, with a tally of 15 victories and 5 defeats. No showing off, no bluffing: Barriault is a good boxer – his primary quality – and he will step into the ring to prove it! He doesn’t need to play the bully like the others: he’s naturally nice and wants to stay that way. “I always thought I had to develop my qualities, but I focused on cooking. It wasn’t until I was 20 that I discovered combat sports and this one in particular.”

Marc-André Barriault and Bianka Giroux

Bianka and Marc-André met two years ago in Gatineau – the city in Quebec where they come from – she was a civil servant and returned to her roots after a long training in Quebec. ” During the pandemic, when the shutdown came, I had a choice: stop training or go to Florida. Bianka agreed, so we headed to Pompano Beach. We hardly knew Florida, but I decided to train in Deerfield. »

It’s a lifestyle choice “says Bianca,” and I’m glad I left my job and came here. It wasn’t easy being alone in the beginning. I have always been independent, but there I found myself dependent on Marc-André. The advantage is that Florida offers everyone the opportunity to achieve their dream. We really like this spirit of freedom. So I took online classes and became a personal trainer. I started organizing courses, for now also via the Internet. At the same time, I take care of the social networks of Marc-André and his sponsors. We also met three here in Florida who came from Quebec! »

Many friends were surprised when they discovered a picture on the Internet that looks like… a wedding photo. “ Many people are single in Quebec, but here in the United States we had to “adjust” our situation last year. We published the photo recently, but it corresponds to reality. We are planning something for family and friends! “All the best, good luck!!!

And what do they do besides sports? Current concerts! ” AND I always like to cook “says Marc-André,” besides that, I would definitely like to open a restaurant one day. We pay attention to healthy eating and spend a lot of time buying good products. We also love Boca Raton beaches like Red Reef or Spanish River because we can run the dogs there! »

One thing is for sure: these two young people who bravely went on an adventure to Florida deserve to be supported!

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