Beyond Carlos: the other romances of Camila, the “unexpected” queen


when talking about charles of england It is essential to refer to your love story with Camila Parker-Bowles and his marriage to Diana of Wales. However, and even if it was oblique, in the life of the new monarch of the United Kingdom there were also other women, in the same way that, in the case of Dianathere was talk of her romance with the surgeon Hasnat Khan or the horseman James Hewittt. However, little is said about the other men who passed through the life of whom she never thought of becoming Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and who today shines brighter than ever at Buckingham Palace. Proof of this is that a few days ago -at the first great state dinner of the reign of Carlos III- she was the only one who opted to release jewels from the Queen Isabelwhile Kate Middleton preferred to remain in a discreet background – if that is possible.

Camila Parker and King Carlos at a state dinner. /Gtres

Well, Camila Parker-Bowles has not had an eventful life in terms of love, but King Carlos has not been the only man in her life, far from it. When she met the then Prince of Wales, the objective of this friendship was none other than to “entertain” the heir, since Camila in no case met the requirements that were demanded of a future queen -thank goodness that things have changed- . Lord Mountbatten, Carlos’s mentor, he was very clear about the profile of the person who could aspire to queen: a young woman of high nobility, virgin and docile. Some qualities out of Camila’s reach, but that Diana fulfilled perfectly.

Carlos and Camilla in 1970 / Gtres
Carlos and Camila together at the polo in 1970. / Gtres

Camila Rosemary Shand She was a woman from a wealthy family, but she did not belong to the nobility. She was a fun woman, from the world, and she had had boyfriends since she was young. In fact, when she met the then-Prince Charles, she had no qualms about telling him that her ancestors had been her lovers.

As revealed by the writer Ana Polo in her Queen Elizabeth biography, one of Camila’s first boyfriends was Kevin Burke, whom she met at her coming-out. This young man was the heir to a multimillion-dollar company and, apparently, the couple had sex after a few days. This caused Camila to be vetoed by the Crown.

Camila Parker-Bowles with her first husband and King Carlos III. /Gtres

Camila was dating Kevin Burke for a while, before meeting the man who would be her husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles, from whom she took the last name. Apparently, he was Kevin’s brother, the one who introduced him to Andrew and did not hesitate to change one for the other.

Andrew Parker-Bowles was the son of the Berkshire sheriff and one of the Queen Mother’s best friends. To this we must add that he had been distinguished in the Blues and Royals, the most prestigious regiment of the Royal Guard. He was a tall and very attractive man, who not only caught Camila’s attention, but also Princess Ana’s. In fact, for a while, the brothers Carlos and Ana and Camila and Parker-Bowles had a kind of affair. ‘relationship to four’ a bit strange.

Andrew Parker Bowles with Princess Anne and Camilla at an event in England. /Gtres

Nevertheless, parker bowles He didn’t have a very good reputation either. It was said that she had some lovers and that she had broken the heart of more than one. That is why Camila never had any qualms about maintaining her clandestine romance with her heir, whom she met through Lucía Santa Cruz, who, curiously, was Camila’s neighbor and had dated Carlos for a while.

The eldest son of the Queen Isabel he was captivated by Camila, with whom he shared tastes, hobbies and sense of humor. Despite the opposition of the family and the various maneuvers that the Windsors carried out to distance them, over time, both demonstrated that their love was authentic and capable of defying any obstacle. No one would have bet years ago to see them both sitting on the throne, as it has been and now they are facing together one of the most convulsive stages of the British monarchy.


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