Beyonce complaining about Austin Powers movie poster: “You made me too skinny!”


Tor celebrate 20 years “Austin Powers in Goldmember”several people working on the film looked back on the production and its success.

beyoncé was one of the stars of the film, playing Foxy Cleopatra during her theatrical film debut.

She really enjoyed working on the film, however, she did not like the first draft of the poster for the film.

“When we were filming, someone brought her a poster that will advertise the film,” said the makeup artist. Keith Biscoe remembered.

“He showed it to her, like, ‘Do you like it?’ and she was like, “Yes.”

“He says, ‘What’s the matter? and she says “You made me too skinny, that’s not me.”

“Then she made an hourglass figure and he said, ‘OK, we’ll fix that.’

“She left to shoot a scene and I looked at him and smiled, ‘Is this the first time you’ve asked an actress to enlarge her body?’

“He said, ‘Yes, it will cost me thousands of dollars, but I’m going to do it.’


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