Between Trump and “Reaganism”: The Republican Party must choose its preferred method of inheritance


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It is generally believed that the best way to win elections is to resort to horizontality without ignoring one’s own values. The hypothesis is because it seems logical: if my vote is for me, and I let others at least not vote for them, then I have won enough victories. However, the other option is tribal, sometimes religious, or more precisely, sectarianism. Unity and feeling around an idea or leader It has become so powerful that it has attracted enough faithful believers, believing that there is no other possible choice other than any facts or any data.

The Republican Party of the United States has examples of victorious leaders representing two emotions.On the one hand, we might be able to Ronald Reagan, Your most successful candidate is also your vice president George H. Bush And his son, George W. BushThe three of them spent twenty years in the White House.

Although the United States in 1980 is different from the United States in 2004, a certain continuity can be drawn between the three presidents: firm and friendly conservatism. In terms of the rules of the game, consider America As a great country, it is precisely because it respects the rules and focuses on the freest aspects of the economy, without falling into too much protectionism.

On the other hand, we may have Richard Nixon, Lasted a half-task, of course Donald TrumpHe is 75 years old, and although he has not served in the Republican Party for most of his life, he is still regarded as an important reference for voters and candidates elsewhere. Republican Party. Nixon and Trump even have a common adviser-Roger Stone-His political actions consisted of continuous “support me or against me”. If you are a voter, this kind of aggressive and demanding policy in terms of personal loyalty is elusive, because you will always have another choice, but what should you do when a party is overwhelming? Where do you put the party’s representatives and what options do they have? leaf?

The core of the matter: November 2020

During the four years of the presidency Donald Trump, The Republican Party is supporting the clenched fist of the leader. This is logical and will happen every time a game goes well.Of course, Trump has critics among Republicans, we can call them “Reaganists”, such as the late John McCain Or George W. Bush himself, but they are an overwhelming minority of fanatics. The shocking thing is that even the election defeat in November 2020 has not changed things: Trump lost to Biden by 7 million votes. This is not a short distance, but the replacement candidate for 2024 does not seem to appear— —Trump will now have an old Biden — to make matters worse, no one seems to want to run too early.

The definition of “Trumpism” is complicated. It does not respond to ideological issues, but to sentimental. This is a discourse of permanent opposition, based on what others call wrongful acts.Everything is explained by the evil of others, they go to extremes, such as John Eastman, Trump’s lawyer, he tried to persuade Mike Pence Repeal the election results, as Bob Woodward and Robert Costa record in their new book, Danger, They are shocking…Although they are not completely unfamiliar to us, because after all it is a step by step following what we have heard from their mouths Rudy Giuliani There are many others.

The reason why the hair is standing up is that black text on a white background is seen under the legal interpretation of a well-known jurist. The plan is this: When the electoral colleges in different states begin voting, the Speaker of the Senate and Vice President Donald Trump himself, Mike Pence, had to eliminate those of the seven Trump proposed. The legal battles for the so-called solution–Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada–and then count the remaining electoral votes (which will give Trump the victory )…Or submit the issue to Congress, where the Republican majority will still exist in January 2021, I will decide Trump is right I will give him another four-year term.

Donald Trump became president in 2017.

When failing to ensure the leader

If it’s not a coup, it looks a lot like it. It meets the so-called requirements of the president to the attorney general, Jeffrey A. Rosen, Cancel the election. If we had compared Nixon with Trump before, we must now compare the consequences of his actions: “Tricky Dicky” organized a espionage campaign to gain an advantage in the elections he had won. For this reason, he paid the price of the “impeachment” process, and ultimately with his resignation and his actual retirement from politics after thirty years in the first row.

Forty-five years later, Donald Trump Using his condition as the president of the country to directly reverse the outcome of the election process not only seems that they will not be punished by law, but also strengthens his position as the spiritual leader of tens of millions of Americans. There are voices in the Republican Party warning that this drift is normal. Under the pressure of the invisible mob, it is abnormal for them to keep silent or be forced to rectify.

Take Mike Pence as an example. On January 6, 2021, he saved the United States from a fringe situation by refusing to listen to Trump and his many lawyers. Pence is an old-school Republican. An extremely conservative man, as the governor of Indiana, he lowered taxes, made abortion a crime, and passed a pro-religious law. What conservative Republicans do, wow. Ronald Reagan might do this. despite this, Pence fell out of favor. He is a traitor without any nuances. This is how they kept letting him know where he was going, and he tried to calm the waters to test a possible candidacy for 2024.

On January 6, 2021, Mike Pence refused to comply with Trump’s request, thus freeing the United States from a fringe situation

Mickey McConnell, the touchstone

Pence will be one of the people Trump nicknamed him “RINO”-“Republicans are just verbal”, we will speak in Spanish -. in other words, Anyone who refuses to admit that the Trump election was stolen In 2020, they were stolen in seven states, and I insist that there are 7 million votes in total.

In a recent CNN poll, 63% of voters Republicans say Donald Trump should lead the party and 60% not only support the theft theory Elector, but believes that this is a necessary condition to become a “good Republican.”Interestingly, only 51% He believes that Trump should be the 2024 candidate. Maybe it’s the age issue, maybe it’s because we mentioned in the first paragraph: one thing is to build a tribe, the other thing is to win elections.

According to CNN itself, Trump’s next target appears to be Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who may be the most relevant political position in the Republican Party. 79-year-old McConnell may be a measure of how far Trump can go in the party.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.


It is a great touchstone.The very conservative Kentucky senator for the past 36 years-the longest serving of all senators in the Capitol-McConnell has been the leader of the minority and majority of the Republicans since the second term of the president. George W. BushIn 2006, he lost control of the Senate and looked forward to what will happen in 2008.

McConnell is the myth of a Republican senator. a legendary personFor many years, he has been committed to Frank Underwood in the fictional series “House of Cards” to become something fashionable: the image of the “whip”, who is responsible for understanding each senator and ensuring that they approve or reject this or that measure . The person who decides the majority or the minority. Obviously, this will produce due favors and information leakage cataracts, you can guess without subscribing to HBO. If Trump “knocks down” McConnell, he can bring down anyoneAt present, no one dares to take any action against him… But Trump has not given up the losing battle. On the other hand, he usually never does this.

Paul Ryan and the return to “Reaganism”

A few months ago, Paul Ryan of Mitt Romney, the Speaker of the House of Representatives from 2015 to 2019 and the 2012 Vice Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Ask his party to forget Donald Trump and return to Ronald ReaganReagan retired from politics after two overwhelming victories — the last time was in 1984, when he won all the stakes of Democrat Walter Mondale, except for Minnesota — and surrounding him The image has gained a certain general consensus, perhaps because of his calm tone, his acting skills, his constant smile or his advanced age.

Reagan has always been a lighthouse Republican Party For decades, by the way, the entire West’s neoliberal right and their ally Margaret Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher). When Ryan asked to go back in time and stop populism and selfishness, he knew what he was talking about. What is not clear is that he was targeting the same voters: Reagan believed in the meaning of individual freedom and gave meaning to the social structure within the scope of the constitution. Like all American presidents, he is a staunch nationalist, and he knows that his enemy is outside: in the Soviet Union… and he is winning the battle by leaps and bounds.

Former President Ronald Reagan and his wife.

Former President Ronald Reagan and his wife.

Trump has made freedom an anarchy, and deep down, it has once again become a group that supports his arguments. He does not recognize the differences and does not stop looking for internal enemies. In the name of freedom, call for obedience. It seems absurd to explain the political and economic considerations related to the advantages of certain labor measures to the King of Horn, who is the speaker in the Senate.That man wants to see Nancy Pelosi Hang on a tree. Why? Because it was an enemy, I didn’t stop thinking about it.

It’s too early for the polls

The polls here did not give us too much suspicion: from the beginning, because there are still three years before the election, we don’t even know who will be elected.What does everything point to Joe Biden Will abdicate at the age of 81 and will be Kamala Harris, A very different profile. Rasmussen, the Republican-leaning pollster, gave Trump up to 10 percentage points ahead of Biden and 13 percentage points for his vice president. Remington Research expanded this result to 19, which seems crazy at the level of popular voting.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.


For now, perhaps the most representative of the current situation can be seen from the survey of Emerson College on September 1: Biden defeated the more moderate candidates in the Republican Party, such as De Sanctis or Mitrome Ni…but he lost. Oppose Donald Trump. Everything is recent, and the spirit is too burning. Republicans need time to see what they really want: Should I listen to Paul Ryan or continue with the final result of Q-AnonThen, and only in this way, will it be easier to draw conclusions.


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