Between prison and hospital: Putin and Lukashenko’s method of suppressing the opposition


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On Wednesday, Daria Navalnaya expressed his gratitude to the European Parliament Sakharov Prize To his father, Alexei Navalny, Was arrested by Russian police on January 17, 2021. Navalny’s story is to vacate a seat to commemorate him. This is a sad repetition of Russian politics.Take the opposite Vladimir Putin It usually ends badly. Usually a few years in prison can easily turn into decades. Sometimes, as in Navalny’s case, assassination attempts tend to succeed.

For now, Alexei Navalny is the latest scandal in a long list.Navalny, leader of the party Future RussiaOn August 20, 2020, when he realized that he was about to die​​, he was flying from Tomsk to Moscow.They injected him with a nerve agent called Novichok, which was used to deal with dual agents Sergey Skripal And his daughter Yulia, leading to their deaths in England.

Russian agents did not often make mistakes in these matters, but miraculously, Navalny was saved. Several factors must be combined: insufficient dosage, the courage of the pilot to land in Omsk—he may not know who the passenger was screaming frantically before he lost consciousness—and pressure from the international community.

Navalny was taken to the hospital Omsk Which induces coma.Everyone takes it for granted that the idea was done there, as if it came from godfatherFinally, in order to calm things down, Putin allowed him to be transferred to Berlin. Maybe you think you can’t travel, but you did.

On September 7, German doctors rescued him from a coma. The person in charge of the Charité Hospital stated at a press conference that given the extremely high levels of poison they found in Navalny, it is impossible to know what side effects Navalny will have in the short and long term.

Navalny was detained by the Russian authorities.

Navalny was detained by the Russian authorities.


On September 22, the opponent was discharged from the hospital, but he stayed in Berlin for another three months and recovered. When he was strong enough, he flew to Moscow on another plane.I’m there waiting for you The police arrested him as soon as he got off the car device of.At first, as announced, it seemed to be a procedure to break the probation-as an excellent activist, Navalny had been in and out of prison for many years-but he eventually faced The judge who sentenced him to three and a half years in prison.

Approximately 10 days after learning of the conviction, Navalny had been out of public view and initially treated him and authorized his transfer to the director of Omsk Hospital in Berlin. Sudden death heart attack. He was 55 years old that year.

From Litvinenko to Nemtsov

As we said before, Navalny’s case is the last, or at least the last successful transfer to the Western media. In his speech at the European Parliament, Daria Navarnaya He mentioned the name of Boris Nemtsov, one of the pioneers who paid the price of his life for the fight against Putin. Nemtsov, Served as Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in 1997 and 1998, that is, during the term of the Russian President Boris Yeltsin Just a year before Putin was appointed as prime minister of the country, he was shot and killed in Moscow on February 27, 2015, just a few meters from Moscow. Kremlin.

After Nemstorv was killed near the Kremlin, Russian police inspected his body.

After Nemstorv was killed near the Kremlin, Russian police inspected his body.


At first, it was the Russian government itself that raised its hand against the tragic death of its opponent. Putin promised to investigate, and it turned out that they were Chechens. This is already a coincidence. They were tried and convicted of murder.

The family insisted that the perpetrators were mercenaries hired by very powerful people.They dare not say the name But we are all intuitiveHowever, at least in the common imagination of Westerners, Navalny’s case refers more to another opponent who was poisoned to death: Alexander Litvinenko.

Litvinenko, broker Russian Federal Security Service -Former KGB-In the 1990s, he spent many years in exile in the UK, where he condemned Putin for participating in various terrorist activities, including the murder of journalists Anna Politkovskaya, October 7, 2006, when he went upstairs or downstairs from his house in the elevator. To be precise, October 7 was Vladimir Putin’s birthday, and investigators gave him three more Chechens as suspects in the murder, although they were eventually acquitted.

Litvinenko was lying in a hospital bed after being poisoned.

Litvinenko was lying in a hospital bed after being poisoned.


The point is Litvinenko He started to feel unwell at home on November 1st-diarrhea, vomiting and extreme weakness. It was not until the third day that he made up his mind to call an ambulance, and the ambulance took him to Barnett Hospital in London.

The first test found a huge amount of polonium 210 in his body, believed to have been taken by a Russian citizen Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Koftun, Although there is no evidence to prove this. It took Litvinenko three weeks to slowly die until November 22, 2006, 15 years ago, when a cardiac arrest eased his pain.

Alexander Lukashenko, apprentice

The same week that the Sakharov Prize-in memory of the famous Russian dissident who faced the Soviet dictatorship-was awarded to Navalny, the Belarusian opponent was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Sergey Tikhanovsky. If there is anything to thank Alexander LukashenkoThe de facto dictator of the country that separated Poland and Russia, he at least did not kill his opponents, he restricted himself to give them a good season jail Of course, he continues to win elections.

In the last election in 2020, Tikhanovsky was his main competitor. So much so that he had to be arrested on suspicion of disturbing public order. Tikhanovsky has a YouTube channel that condemns Lukashenko’s repression. Currently, it is managed by his wife, Svyatlana Zihanusskaya, The leader of the opposition party, and she was able to participate in the election and won second place with 10% of the vote. In this case, this is a real heroism. Qihanusskaya and her children have always lived in Lithuania. He was also afraid of eventually going to jail or falling into any gutter.

Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin toast.

Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin toast.


In fact, although the Belarusian repression came from afar, Lukashenko seems to have crossed the line, especially this year: together with Tikhanovsky, the 2010 election candidate Nikolai Starkevich was sentenced. . In September, human rights activist Maria Kolesnikova was sentenced and they were sentenced to eleven years in prison. A few months ago, in July, the famous banker Viktor Babariko (Viktor Babariko) was convicted. He also tried to participate in the 2020 elections, but was arrested a few weeks before the celebration, even though the election commission had been cancelled. Enough supporting signatures to invalidate his candidacy.

Totalitarian impunity

Another opposition candidate in these elections, Valery Zepkallo, Fled to Moscow before being arrested because he received the tip in time. His wife Veronica did stay in Minsk and helped Tikhanovsky in the campaign. As soon as news of Lukashenko’s overwhelming victory came out, she flew to Poland, where she settled in Ukraine with her husband and children.

If Putin wears twenty one Lukashenko has been in power in Russia for many years 26 In Belarus. Together, they succeeded in narrowing the circle: Religiously convening the elections stipulated by the current constitution, and then winning the elections by default by other candidates.

Lukashenko and Putin.

Of course, the method was not invented by them, but they are perfecting it.Although Lukashenko continues to pay Iraqi Kurds head to the Polish border Yes Putin continues to deploy troops on the Ukrainian border, The internal depression did not abate for a moment. The European Union did a good job in saving all these characters from oblivion and acknowledging their courage. After all, what Russia and Belarus have in common now is to declare a mixed war against Europe, especially against NATO. The question is how much you can protect yourself by distributing prizes and how much your enemies desire to conquer.

On the same Wednesday, Vladimir Putin and his Chinese colleagues learned the details of the meeting through a video conference. Xi Jinping. Obviously, this is a warm and fruitful virtual encounter.what does this mean Taiwan and Ukraine, We will know soon. Compared with what the axis of organized totalitarian states envisaged, the internal threat of liberal democracy in the form of populism is insignificant. A threat that cannot be taken lightly.


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