Best Visiting Places in Colombo with Your Family

Best Visiting Places in Colombo with Your Family

For those who are thinking of staying in the beautiful land of Sri Lanka, remember that one trip is not enough to immerse yourself in the glorious goodness of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. You can have the time of your life with your family by getting your PIA Online Ticket Booking done for Colombo. In Colombo, there is no shortage of tourist places. When you visit here, you will feel a little time. The best way to have the most fun is to plan your day well.

Check them out and choose what all of Colombo’s tourist attractions will discover while on vacation with friends or family.

Lotus Tower

The Colombo Lotus Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in South Asia and a trip to the top rewards visitors with an uninterrupted view of Colombo and the surrounding city and sea. The tower, which has many telecommunication types of equipment, has a telecommunications museum, shopping center, revolving restaurant and restaurant, hotel, and indoor and outdoor observation spots. The tower is also a view from the outside – it is covered with LED lighting and presents seasonal lighting shows every night.

The Lotus Tower, designed to recreate the lotus bulb and flower, at the same time represents the country’s historical culture and its future orientation.

Wannabe archaeologists must place Sigiriya on the list of places to visit in Sri Lanka. This ancient city is built on a steep slope, crowned with a plateau almost 180 meters high. This plateau is known as Lion’s Rock because it oversees the jungles below. Access to the site is through stairs and rooms coming out of the lion’s mouth. You’ll also see ponds, gardens, and fountains. Pretty cool! Locals consider this place the eighth wonder of the world.

This place was a monastery back in the third century BC. Later it was transformed into a royal residence. Colombo is not very costly, and you can find cheap food and enjoyments as we as cheap flights.

Casino Marina

Opened in 2013, Casino Marina brought a revolution and has been gaining great reviews ever since. It is said that this is the first casino in Colombo that has floors dedicated to individual player sections. Similarly, with 4 floors, each is designed for different people, such as travelers, private events, roulette sessions, as well as regular card sessions.

Playing in a place that is said to be a paradise for all gaming enthusiasts, you can also enjoy beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. Casino Marina offers unlimited high-quality free drinks and food throughout the day at the tables.

Beachfront resort Rocky Point:

We can plan out your wedding in your favorite area in the Beachfront resort Rocky Point but we recommend the courtyard. The entrance to the courtyard is through gigantic and huge wooden doors. There is a canter fountain in the middle of the courtyard which is surrounded by beautiful flowers with vibrant colors which gives you a sense of calmness and tranquility.

National Museum of Colombo

The Colombo National Museum, also called the Sri Lanka National Museum, is the official museum of Sri Lanka and takes you on a journey through thousands of years of Sri Lanka culture. It is one of those museums that have many types of media, from works of art to artifacts, as well as clothing, jewelry, coins, weapons, and handicrafts. The exhibitions show both the country’s cultural and natural heritage, presented chronologically, from prehistory to the present day. Get your PIA Online Ticket Booking done and visit this museum. Give yourself a few hours to fully explore the collection. The museum is housed in a large Victorian colonial building in the center of Colombo near Vihara Mahadevi Park.

If you are looking for a vacation in a tropical paradise, Mirissa may be the answer to your dreams: swaying coconut palms, beautiful golden sand beaches, days spent swinging in a hammock. There is nothing better than this. This paradise crescent shape is famous for the most stunning sunsets and sunrises in Sri Lanka. There are no luxury resorts that could ruin the landscape, so only you, the beach, and the silence of the day.

The pace accelerates at night. Mirissa is the largest fishing port on the south coast and is an excellent place to watch dolphins and whales.

Yala National Park

The animals rule the perch, land, and sky in Yala National Park, a nature reserve about 240 km from Colombo. Yala offers lots of things to do. Your visit begins with a safari to see animals, including elephants, water buffaloes, and leopards, occurring here in a higher density than anywhere else in the world. Note: the park closes for the September leopard breeding season. The park is also home to 215 species of birds, seven of which are from the park.

The most important monuments, in addition to wildlife, are Sithulpauwwa, an ancient rock temple in which 12,000 monks once lived. If you like wildlife, then take your cheap flights to Colombo because this place is for you.

Red Mosque

Being in the Pettah area, visit the fantastic Red Mosque in the city, known formally as Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid. It was built in the early twentieth century and is quite expressive thanks to the minarets of red and white stone, topped with domes in the shape of onion and pomegranate. They dominate the area, and the domes give it an almost Russian architectural character. This specific style is called Indo-Saracenic. It is located very near to the port. This is especially interesting because the red and white bricks are arranged in different patterns.

Some swirls, some spirals, and other areas have alternating colors with an almost optical illusion effect.


This beautiful island country may seem like a teardrop, but in this country, there is much more than meets the eye. Therefore, without wasting time, personalize attractive Sri Lankan vacation packages with PIA Online Ticket Booking and get ready to discover the best in this magical land! So many places to see, so little time.