5 Best Septic Safe Toilet Paper

When it comes to toilet paper, we expect a lot. We need it to be soft, strong, and comfortable to use. When you’re using it, we expect it to break down and dissolve quickly, once it is flushed. If the toilet paper doesn’t do its job properly then it’s not the desirable toilet paper- if the toilet doesn’t break down easily after flushing, there is a risk of clogging pipes and septic systems.

Here comes the question of which toilet paper is a septic safe toilet paper? Well, the best septic-safe toilet paper would be the fastest dissolving toilet paper that held up strong and true. It needs to be biodegradable, recycled, or both. This toilet paper dissolves quickly with less water than others. A septic-safe toilet paper plays a major role in preventing plumbing problems. 

Before jumping into the list, let’s have a look at what makes a toilet paper septic safe.

What makes a Toilet Paper ‘Septic Safe’?

In the below, we have mentioned the point that makes the best toilet paper for a septic tank

  • Biodegradable

A biodegradable toilet paper is mainly designed to break down more quickly. The bond in this toilet paper is looser and there are no non-dissolvable fibers in the toilet paper that slow down the process of breaking down when exposed to the water. For a septic tank, finding biodegradable toilet paper is easy and it makes your septic tank last much longer.

  • Recycle

For a septic system is recycled toilet paper safe? It’s not necessary that recycled toilets break down more quickly than non-recycled toilet paper, but it does contain bleach and other chemicals that might affect the balance in a septic system. There is other work also in the septic system than water, the microbiome in a septic system uses the waste as food energy and also contributes to the breakdown of both toilet paper and waste.

After understanding the points of what makes the toilet paper septic safe, let’s have a look at the benefits of recycled toilet paper.

Benefits of Recycled Toilet Paper

Recycled toilet paper is an amazing option because its fiber breaks apart really quickly. This allows the recycled to break down and not contribute to sludge buildup.

This is also bleach-free paper. In your septic tank, bleach can disrupt the natural, and beneficial bacteria in your tank. This is the main reason causing a buildup of sludge and then you have to get your septic tank pumped more often. 

Benefits of Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Biodegradable toilet paper is an excellent option for your septic tank. This toilet paper requires less water to break, which allows them to dissolve quickly in your septic tank. After it dissolves quickly, it gets to turn into a smaller particle that won’t be stuck together and harm your system.

The downside to biodegradable toilet paper is that it is not as thick and soft as other toilet paper. It is important to know that biodegradable toilet paper can be expensive also.

After understanding the whole points mentioned above, let’s come to the 5 best septic safe toilet paper.

The 5 Best Septic Safe Toilet Papers

In this column, we will describe the 5 best septic safe toilet paper, here is the list as mentioned-

  • Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is specially made for use in the septic systems as well as for other toilets such as RV toilets and boat toilets where its main feature is fast toilet dissolving and disintegration.

Feature of Scott Dissolving Toilet Paper
  • Specially made for septic system
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Free of perfume and non-scented
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • Break up 4 times faster than the ordinary toilet paper
  • Clog free tested
  • Smooth and gentle to the skin

One pack of Scott Rapid Dissolving septic safe toilet paper contains 4 rolls, and each roll contains 231sheets. This is one of the best septic safe toilet paper.

  • Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

This Seventh Generation Toilet paper is made of 100% recycled paper. It is whitened without chlorine bleach, by making it septic safe, as it will not harm the billions of microbes in the septic tank.

As it is made of recycled paper,  you will notice that it is not that soft like other toilet paper in the market. Compared to the other toilet paper it is also thinner than other toilet paper. For no clog toilet this Seventh Generation toilet paper is best.

In the nutshell, here are the features of Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

Features of Seventh Generation Toilet Paper
  • Whitened without any chemical
  • Thinner and absorbent
  • Made of 100% recycled paper
  • No added fragrance, dyes, or ink
  • Environment friendly

This toilet paper is not environment friendly but also avoids clogs in low-flow toilets and boat toilets. Every pack contains 24 rolls with each roll having 20 sheets. 

  • Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper

The one that makes this toilet paper different from other toilet paper is its strength. It is 3 times thicker and 3 times stronger than ordinary toilet paper. That’s why you only require a few sheets for a complete clean. This is best for your septic toilet paper as more usage of toilet paper can contribute to frequent clogs, it also increases the sludge level.

Cottonelle ultra toilet paper is 2 times more absorbent than ordinary toilet paper, which means it breaks down easily. You can choose between the regular size roll or the mega roll, but it is determined by the size of your toilet paper holder. 

Features of Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper
  • 3 times thicker toilet paper
  • Few sheets need to be used
  • It is biodegradable
  • Septic free as it is made of plant-based fiber
  • Clog free and sewer safe
  • Gentle and soft on the skin
  • Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Angel soft toilet paper is mainly known for its softness and strength. The biggest advantage of angel soft toilet paper is that it is comparatively cheaper than the other toilet paper but it still manages to do an excellent job. 

Each of its rolls contains 429 sheets which are long-lasting. If you are looking for a cheap but best quality toilet paper then go for it.

Features of Angel Soft Toilet Paper
  • Cheaper than other toilet paper
  • Excellent in job
  • Long-lasting sheets
  • Amazing softness and strength
  • Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

This is an eco-friendly toilet paper, made of sustainably grown sugarcane and bamboo. Sugarcane and bamboo are fast-growing grasses, which is a better alternative than trees. 

Caboo Tree-free toilet paper is 100% biodegradable, making it safe for the septic tank.

Features of Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper
  • Hypoallergenic- allergic free
  • BPA free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Chlorine-free
  • Non-GMO

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Summing Up!

We expect that toilet paper should be soft and gentle to the skin. But a perfect toilet paper contains softness, germ-free, easily dissolve, clog-free, and easily breakable. Including all these features here comes the septic toilet paper, which easily dissolves without taking much water. It is eco-friendly and with organic fiber.

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