Best Rated and Reviewed in Work Boots & Shoes


Work shoes can undoubtedly be called footwear for special tasks. In many professions, the safety and comfort of everyday work depend on them, so it is worth spending some time finding the perfect model. Are you wondering how to choose the best work shoes? We advise you on what to pay attention to so that your purchase turns out to be a bull’s eye!

Work shoes and the specificity of work

The best work shoes are those that exactly meet the requirements related to the specificity of the duties performed. This means that before shopping, it is worth considering what your expectations are for footwear. If you work in areas where your feet are prone to falling object injuries, choose reinforced shoes. In many professions, anti-slip properties can also be a very important aspect. Do you work outdoors? Choose waterproof footwear. Insulated models can also be a good solution.

How to choose the best work shoes?

When choosing footwear, pay attention to its functional qualities. Also remember that even the best work shoes can turn out to be a fatal purchase if they do not fit your feet perfectly. Are you wondering which shoes will work in your case? Here are some tips to help you choose the best solution.

1. Work shoes and the sole

Good work shoes should be equipped with a suitable sole. In the case of footwear for construction sites, we recommend models with a particularly hard or thick sole, which will prevent the foot from being damaged by sharp objects, e.g. nails, present on the square. In turn, the best work shoes for field work should be equipped with a sole with anti-skid properties. For example, models with a rubber sole and a deep tread will be perfect. If you work in a profession where lightweight footwear is the best solution, choose a model with polyurethane sole.

2. Working shoes – hardness and stiffening

One of the main tasks of work shoes is to protect the feet against possible injuries. If the specifics of your work require special protective measures, pay attention to aspects such as the hardness of the materials used in the footwear or additional stiffening. In places where the foot is exposed to falling objects, the best men work boots will certainly be models with a toe cap. High stiffened footwear is, in turn, an excellent proposition for people who work in a slippery or rocky environment, where it is easy to get injured in the form of an ankle sprain.

3. The best work shoes? Pay attention to the markings!

Professional work shoes must meet the requirements set out in the standards for personal protective equipment. According to their provisions, work shoes are divided into:

  • safe footwear, marked as SB, S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5,
  • Safety shoes, marked with the symbols PB, P1, P2 and P3,
  • Professional footwear, marked with the symbols O1, O2, O3, O4 and O5.

If you care about choosing the best work shoes, the above markings can be extremely helpful. What’s more, their presence gives you the certainty that the selected footwear meets the applicable safety standards.


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