Bertín Osborne values ​​the possibility of getting to know yourself with Fabiola


40 years is a minority. Bertin Osborne The title of his new album clearly indicates that he has been around for a while. Four decades of music He has left very fond memories, but wants to keep collecting. Under this premise, he was introduced to the media on Wednesday. The singer is humorous, willing to talk, and will not stop talking about any topic. He showed his new works and dealt with personal issues.

The first thing he did was to balance this period of time: «They passed quickly, and I had a great time for 40 years. Do you know what I think? The lesson of all this is that I’m still here, on the front lines, it’s not easy (…) I never thought I could spend 40 years in this industry, I thought it would make me funny For a while, that’s it. And this is something to be proud of for me, because it is not easy for me. When I started with those who were with me, I didn’t know if it still existed,” he said.

Belting Osborne/Gtres

Among many other things, Bertín Osborne talked about love. The one who hated and hit the door in his face: «No one, no. Don’t bully me, I do nothing, I am not interested in anything…», he said he was offended, but his attitude was good. “I neither thought nor thought of it,” he pointed out. This is how you can rule it out completely.

The ranch singer revealed what makes him happy now. He has spent a lot of time in Madrid, even at Fabiola’s house: “I’m alone with my friends, my cousins, and my nephews. , My family and my children enjoy themselves together. For example, I come to Madrid a few days a week, even if I don’t have to, because something will happen. Okay, I came to see the child and Fabiola alone. We went to her house and I had a lot of fun. Just like yesterday with them, I stayed there for a long time, and I will be back this afternoon, I spent a lot of time with them. Those are the moments I enjoy, yes, lunch with my friends,” he explained.

Many people have recently said that he can settle with Fabiola Martínez after 10 months of separation, but Bertín explained that now they live their relationship in a different way: “I just heard it, they asked me, but It is because we are extraordinary and we see ourselves as before. We don’t argue about anything.Very good, very good“, he said. The settlement is completely ruled out.

Fabiola Martinez and Belting Osborne
Fabiola Martínez and Bertín Osborne / Gtres

This kind of good harmony between his parents was appreciated by his children, especially Kike: “We are all very happy, especially Kike, it must be great, because I don’t know, I think it’s of course, he pays attention When it comes to everything, and knows everything, absolutely. It shows on his face, and now he only smiles. Bertín Osborne said that before, he would distort his face as if to say “something happened here.”

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