Bershka’s crocheted trousers for those who want to take risks


Bershka offers us some of the best and most daring garments. We have signed crocheted trousers Bershka that it’s quite a temptation and that it will end in a few days. You must have it now!

If you like elegant and handmade garments, these are your trousers, they are also cool and therefore ideal during the summer season.

Discover Bershka’s crocheted pants

There are few pants like this. We have seen style crochet in tops, t-shirts and even in bikinis but less in pants. That’s why we’re talking about a sea original garment. It must be yours and already have it in your wardrobe, and most importantly, show it off from now on in the best excursions.

In green and blue, it presents an elegant and youthful print, which at the same time reminds us of the pieces that our mothers and grandmothers weave. And what better way than to praise them.

Its composition is 100% polyester while the lining is 92% polyester and 8% elastane. Bershka designs this garment so that we can wear it with flat sandals, very seventies style, but also with heels if we want to get even more figure. In this case, they recommend it with a white top, but it is perfect with black, blue or green shirts. so these pants will look a lot more.

when do we put it on

On several occasions. because it is the one you need, with various details that make it more special and that allow you to walk easily and comfortably, especially during the hottest months.

Bershka's crocheted trousers for those who want to take risks

How to wear it on the beach, for terrace meals and evening parties where you will surprise with its color and design. And it’s one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen lately and you’ll be getting attention wherever you go.

How much do crocheted pants cost?

This delicacy has a price of 39.99 euros, completely affordable due to the garment’s variety and elegance. It is available on Bershka’s website, so it will take a while to buy it, so hurry because it will surely run out in no time. until further notice you have it in sizes from XS to XLso you can choose yours.

Buying through this online store is completely feasible and convenient, so you do not have to move or move to get these pants that fit you perfectly. Go to Bershka’s website and get it!

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