Bershka skirt inspired by Valentino in the 90s


Re-enter the fashion industry in the 90s, As evidenced by Valentino’s nearly 1,000 euro dress Belska Clone to perfection. Style ‘The Youth and the Witch‘We saw this movie of black pleated schoolgirls with high stockings in 1996, returning from the past with some nuances. We can go back to that era and make it with loafers or even sandals.But in order to be able to go to the end and remember the old days, we only need a skirt of a little over 17 euros, from Bershka, inspired by Valentino.

This Valentino-inspired Bershka skirt returns to the 90s

One or several generations of youth are marked by a skirt, and we will see this skirt again in 2021. Those pleated miniskirts that mean complete rest In addition, the long ones we used in class are also pleated, which is a liberation on weekends. Wearing high socks, perhaps the same shoes as usual or platform ankle boots are the most common.

Image in the movie “The Boy and the Witch” The story of winning in the 90s and introducing us to great actresses will come to mind. That’s a style that all teenage girls want to imitate. In 2021 and a few years later, we will return to that era, and we will go hand in hand with Bershka, wearing miniskirts of the same demeanor.

Bershka skirt inspired by Valentino in the 90s

Mini skirts never go out of styleValentino created a miniskirt identical to Bershka, proving once again that clothes are timeless. A worn-out dress, paired with thick socks or traditional socks, makes us feel comfortable, as well as our favorite shoes.

This is a high-level. Unlike the 90s, this is a high-waisted skirt. It will provide more security and stylize our image. We can match it with white shirts or sweaters to accompany us on these autumn days when we start to feel cold.

Shoes are another element that will give the 2021 style To this skirt. Sandals and socks are a trend, and loafers with glitter are also a trend. Choose your style and go back in time, even if you only wear clothes. With this Bershka skirt, you will stretch your legs and enjoy a piece worth Valentino.

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