Bershka has the green coat that Kendall Jenner set the trend with


Well into the autumn and with our thinking on the winter, it is clear that we can already get an idea of ​​which shades have been most popular at this time of year. Among them are green, a color that has stepped on catwalks and has been crowned as one of the most trendy of the season, show off both in dresses, shirts, skirts, accessories and of course in coats.

One of the pioneers when it came to wearing jackets in lemon green tone was Kendall jenner. Long before it became a trend, the model already invested in a coat of this brand color Saks Potts. A design consisting of fantastic fur on the cuffs and the stroke who did not go unnoticed by anyone and with which he reaffirmed his position as a style icon around the world.

Kendall Jenner in green coat / Gtres

With this choice, the influencer broke with the belief that wearing muted colors in winter is more successful than choosing light tones. Actually, one of the brands low cost most famous in our country have wanted to save this successful coat from the past so that it is easier than ever to have it in our closet. It has been made of Bershka, responsible for creating a jacket virtually identical to the one worn in 2018 by his sister Kim Kardashian, though much cheaper. It is a coat with a green fur effect with hair on both the end of the sleeve and the blow combined with a matching belt. A must have It can not be missing in your wardrobe right now and which you can get both on Bershka’s website and in a physical store for 59.99 euros. In addition, it is still available in all sizes from XS to L.

Coat from Bershka / Bershka
Coat from Bershka / Bershka

The simplest plan B

If you love the color green but do not dare to mix artificial leather with hair, we have the solution. Other companies low cost they have started working when it comes to making coats for all tastes with the tonality of the season as the main character. This has been the case Mango. The Spanish multinational has produced one patterned three-quarter wool jacket oversized It is also available both in the physical store and on the website in all sizes for 79.99 euros. An easier alternative B, but just like new.

Mango / Mango Coat
Mango / Mango Coat

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