Berlusconi orders new Italian Senate president La Rusa to be executed


It has been nine years since the former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconidid not occupy one of the chairs Lady’s Palace, the seat of the Senate. In 2013, he was disqualified for tax fraud. However, on Thursday, CavaliersAt 86, he regained his place Attend the first session of the new Legislative Council Italy’s parliament set up after last election gives right-wing coalition led by victory Georgia Melloni.

The leader of the conservative Forza Italia party has not been ignored, and he is disturbed by the progress of talks with his right-wing partners to form a government.It appears that Meloni, who presides over the Italian Brotherhood, intends to leave House of Representatives Matteo Salvini’s coalition – which received 8.9 percent of the vote – instead of Berlusconi’s formation, received 8.6 percent of the vote.

This angered the tycoon, who forced members of his party avoid The Italian Brothers’ candidate and co-founder Ignazio La Russa was selected in the vote as Senate President.This stance shows the unease that exists among coalition allies, but it doesn’t stop La Ruza from reaching 116 of the 104 votes he needs.

Berlusconi was also seen talking to Larusa during the meeting.Minutes later, the former president appeared to be with a Vavanculo(“for c***”).

After the vote, Berlusconi wrote a message on his Twitter account, saying he was “HappyElection of Ignazio La Russa President of the Senate of the Republic. “Not only have I never had any confrontation with him, but we are working together faithfully and fully agree to provide our country with a stable system framework and a strong and cohesive government,” he continued.

[Meloni no dará Interior al “prorruso” Salvini, que amenaza: “El ministerio o solo daré apoyo externo”]

However, tensions in the new coalition remain lurking as Berlusconi, who has several pending court cases, has asked his party for the Justice Ministry and Telecommunications Regulatory Ministry positions. Some requests do not seem to convince other partners.



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