Berlin supports the expropriation of large real estate companies in the referendum


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Most of the nearly 2.5 million Berliners who have the right to vote in the Regional House gave a speech this Sunday in support of Germany. Expropriation of large real estate In the consultation of the “Expropriation of Deutsche Wohnen & Co” initiative.

56.4% of voters agreed-and 39.0% opposed-the Senate (Executive Committee) drafted a bill, and 56.4% of the voters supported the Senate (Executive Committee) drafting a bill to “socialize more than 240,000 properties”. Real estate company” owns more than 3,000 houses, which will become public property.

Similarly, the necessary minimum number of support votes was reached, and a quarter of Berliners had the right to vote, although the results of this referendum were not binding, because no specific bill had been negotiated.

The referendum and German electionIn Behring, the Social Democratic Party won by 21.4%, followed by the Green Party (18.9%). The CDU ranked third with 18.1%, and the post-communist leftist ranked fourth with 14%.

The result will make it possible to re-establish the left-wing alliance between the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and La Izquierda, although in a statement to the regional public broadcaster rbb, the Social Democratic Party candidate stated that she wants to cooperate with environmentalists and the CDU. Discuss possible alliances.


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