Benzema probation: questions and answers about what’s next

real Madrid and France star Karim Benzema found guilty of complicity in attempted blackmail in a sex tape case involving a former Les bleus teammate Mathieu Valbuena

The 33-year-old man was sentenced to a € 75,000 fine and a one year suspended sentence, which means he will not have to serve his sentence until he commits another offense.

It was alleged that the Ballon d’Or candidate pressured Valbuena to pay off the blackmailers during the incident in June 2015, when the couple was in training camp with France

The scandal shook French football to the core, and at that time both players lost their places in the team.

Benzema, however, was recalled in May after being in red-hot form for real Madrid while Valbuena has not returned since.

Below we will answer some questions you may have about what will happen next. Benzema

Can Benzema appeal?

According to his lawyers, he can do it, and they announced in the courtroom that they would do it as they want to make sure it was clear that Benzema didn’t know what was going on with Valbuena

Will Benzema have to go to jail?

No. In France, a person does not have to go to jail if his sentence is less than two years, provided that he does not commit another crime. The financial penalty was the highest possible because the judge stated that Benzema must set an example by acting as a public.

Will this affect his game for France?

V French Football Federation (FFF) could make this decision, but Didier Deschamps‘decision to withdraw Benzema ahead of Euro 2020, and its excellent form since then indicates that France will not go down this path. “For me, [the trial] changes nothing. He has the right to be selected, “he said. Noelle le gras, then Fff the president.

And the Ballon d’Or?

No, it shouldn’t be affected. The 2021 Ballon d’Or vote closed two weeks ago and Benzema is one of the favorites of the award, along with Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi

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