Benzema: It’s impossible to reach Cristiano’s goal


ToArim Benzema said he was in the best shape of his career RealMadrid even though he is 34 years old.

The Frenchman was named UEFA Player of the Year for 2021/22 after the San Blancos withdrew La Liga Santander as well as Champions League glory last season.

Karim Benzema named Player of the Year

“Now at 34, I’m better, I’m a better player,” Benzema This was reported by the European sports media (ESM).

“It’s true that on a personal level it was the best season of my career, but there is one thing that hasn’t changed: I go out on the field thinking about what I need to do to win the game, I think about the team, not me. “.

Benzema went on to admit that last year’s Champions League trophy was the sweetest he has won in his career. RealMadrid flipped their knockout ties.

“Although every title has its own history and is different, it is clear that this Champions League was the most difficult of the five I have won and for me it was also the most beautiful because of the comebacks and because we never gave up. Benzema added.

The Frenchman also stressed that he did not change his game after leaving Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid in 2018.

“Cristiano helped me a lot,” said Benzema.

“I had a different role with him and when he left I knew I could take a step forward by scoring goals but still playing football.

“What has changed since then is my goal score, but I still play the way I think you should play this game. The numbers mean that I am not far behind the Real Madrid legends and that gives me confidence even though I know reaching Cristiano’s goal [figures] impossible.

“That’s why I’m focusing on what I can do on the pitch to help the team win. Numbers are not the most important thing. I don’t play thinking only about titles or goals.

“I play because I love football, although of course I have dreams, like winning the World Cup or winning the Ballon d’Or.


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