Benjamin Mendy: accused of rape and now facing new charges


Benjamin Mendy had to appear at Chester Crown Court to face a new charge of attempted rape brought by the sixth alleged victim.

v Manchester The left-back has a total of nine charges brought against him by six different women: three charges of attempted rape on October 11, 2020; one for intercourse on January 2, 2021; and four more for rape – two on 24 July and another two on 23 August – to which was added this new complaint of attempted rape.

Benjamin Mendy arrives at Chester Crown Court.AP

mehndi was suspended Manchester when he was first charged by the police and then released on bail on 7 January, a situation he will remain in until 25 July when his trial takes place.

His trial can take up to six weeks. For now, March 11th. mehndi will return to Chester Court for the first pre-trial hearing.

Chester Crown Court must now determine whether the defendants will be able to testify via video rather than in person during this trial, as some have already requested, due to their potential vulnerability.

mehndiCo-defendant Louis Saha Matturi, 40, will also stand trial.


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