Benedict XVI apologises for sexual abuse in the Church under his mandate: ‘Shame’


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Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI He asked for forgiveness on Tuesday and expressed pain for the abuse and mistakes he had made while in different positions.The emeritus pope made the statement in a letter published after a report on the sexual abuse of minors in Germany was published, stating that When he was Archbishop of Munich, he knew of four cases of paedophile priests.

“Once again, I can only express to all victims of sexual abuse My deep shame, my great pain and my sincere request for forgiveness. I have a great responsibility in the Catholic Church,” stressed Benedict XVI.

In the letter, 94-year-old Joseph Ratzinger added that “the abuses and mistakes that have occurred in various places during my mission have made me more distressed” and assured the clergy that it was necessary to do so, “Confession Time”.

“In all of my encounters, especially in my many apostolic journeys with pastoral sexual abuse victims, I have seen the consequences of a very guilty eye, and I have learned to understand when we ourselves are dragged into this enormous guilt when we ignore it, or when we don’t face it with the necessary decisions and responsibilities, as it has and often does,” he admitted.

Despite his pleas for forgiveness, Benedict XVI denies it in a document also published today by his collaborators any allegations and knowledge of the facts stated in a report published in Germany.

In his letter, Ratzinger first defended the “enormous” work of drafting the investigative response document he submitted to investigators at the time, explaining that his involvement in the Ordinary Churches (the synods of Munich and Freising) was “existentially negligent”. , dated January 15, 1980.

At that meeting, according to the investigation, the transfer of Peter H., a priest accused of child abuse, who later returned to the Archdiocese of Munich for abuse, led to his transfer again.

Initially, Benedict XVI assured that he did not attend that meeting, but he later retracted this statement and explained that it was a mistake. “Unfortunately this error happened, It wasn’t intentional, I hope it’s forgivable“, the pope emeritus wrote, adding that he was “deeply amazed” that his carelessness had called into question his authenticity and even been called a “liar”, while noting that he had received many letters of support and prayers from Pope Francis. each.

Benedict XVI concluded the letter by saying: “Soon I will face the final judge of my life. While looking back on my long life, I may have had many reasons for fear and fear, but I am in a good mood because I firmly believe that the Lord is not only a righteous judge, but also a friend and brother who has suffered. My shortcomings, therefore, as a judge, are at the same time my lawyer.”


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