Ben Affleck Spotted at Farmer’s Market with Emme, Violet and Seraphine!


Ben Affleck was recently spotted with his kids and at the Farmer Market in Beverly Hills. We’ve seen many Hollywood celebrities bond with each other’s children like never before. We’ve seen how their spouses treat their children as their own, whether it’s for a shopping time or a casual outing.

The same goes for children who decide to accept their parents’ spouse as their own. Something similar has happened recently as we see so many modern families hanging out together.

And among them is actor Ben Affleck, who has recently seen Jennifer Lopez bond with her children as well as herself.

Recently, Ben Affleck was spotted spending family time with Jennifer Lopez’s child. This Thanksgiving weekend is going great with the actress spending a close holiday with her daughters Violet and Seraphina. It wasn’t just the two of them pictured with her stepfather, but her 14-year-old daughter, Emma.

As you can see from the photos, the family is having a lot of fun shopping. Since it was the beginning of winter, the whole family looked very comfortable in their warm clothes.

When he came to the player, he was seen wearing a black and white sweater with a white t-shirt. As her children passed through the farmers’ market, she was seen with some groceries on her arm.

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Check out some photos of Ben Affleck and Kids At Farmer’s Market here!

Emme arrives at Ben Affleck’s stepson, wearing a gray and black shirt while listening to music. In addition to looking very happy and full while spending time with her children, the actress also had a great bond with her daughters.

Violet looked super cool as she wore a floral dress with a white Cardigan, while her little girl was wearing a blue sweater with orange stripes and brown sweatpants.

The couple married in July 2022 and have been seen as each other’s children ever since. They started a new kind of mix in their family, which you can see in the videos and photos Jennifer Lopez uploads to Instagram.

Recently, 14-year-old Emme and Max were seen sleeping on their father Ben Affleck’s lap.

As for Jennifer Lopez, she made headlines with the announcement of her upcoming album. This album will be the first in 6 years as the singer decided to make a comeback inspired by her husband.


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