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Due to the large number of new coronary pneumonia cases, the 13th day of the Portuguese League’s closing game originally scheduled to be held on Sunday night has been postponed.

Next championship Belenenses sadThe Portuguese League announced on Friday that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the forced match against Benfica with only 9 players a week ago has been postponed. “After the health authorities ordered the preventive quarantine of the Belenenses team, the match between Belenenses and Vizela, which was included in the 13th day of the tournament, has been postponed to January 2, originally scheduled to start at 8.30pm.” Press release. She said: “With this measure, and because Belenenses does not have a minimum number of players available, the league has ordered the postponement of the game,” which was initially scheduled for Monday.

About twenty cases of variant pollution Omi Kron According to the National Institute of Health (Insa), the first recorded coronavirus in Portugal was detected in the club. Since then, the entire workforce and management have been in isolation. A week after being forced to face Benfica, who had only nine players, the club requested a postponement of the game on Thursday.Several football entities met on Friday for analysisr Belenenses-Benfica competition So “what happened last Saturday will never happen again,” the league said in a press release.

Benfica-Sporting shock maintenance

According to the conclusion of this meeting, these sports organizations hope to “immediately establish a legal mechanism” so that “in any game, in any football game, including goalkeepers, there should be no less than 13 players.” Despite the poor health of the club, the maintenance of the game caused strong protests in Portugal.

Goalkeepers must line up as players on the field. The game is interrupted before the end. Because of injuries, only six players are left to continue the game. The legal limit is seven. Berennis then trailed by 7 points-0 at the 48-minute mark. On Wednesday, due to the outbreak of new crown pneumonia in the host club, the league has announced the postponement of a game on the 13th day between Tundra and Morelense.

However, a clash between Benfica and another club in the capital, Portugal Sports, will take place on Friday. All Benfica players tested negative after the match against Berenice. Sports will be denied the right of its captain, Uruguayan Sebastian Cotz, to contract Covid-19.

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