Belen Rodriguez vs. Jorge Javier: the crossroads of Rocío Carrasco


Belen Rodriguez continues to walk this new path without his co-workers. Save me that she herself has chosen. Since she sat on the Deluxe, to blow up the relationship with those who until recently were his friends, when talking about the million-dollar loan that he made to Kiko Hernández to settle his debt with the Treasury, nothing has ever been the same. The collaborator decided to isolate herself from the Mediaset universe to the point of stopping working at the Fuencarral facilities, turning to the Police to protect her privacy and not even leaving news of her whereabouts.

Belen Rodriguez

Belén Ro made the drastic decision to disappear and block her companions. This generated deep discomfort in several of them, but it was Jorge Javier Vazquez who raised his voice, faithful to his extreme sincerity, to charge hard against her. The words of the Catalan presenter resounded in the corridors of the communication group because of how forceful they were.

Jorge did not cut anything: «I am going through a personal process, for which I am going to a therapy that is helping me a lot. Belén Esteban told me: “You’ve come back worse from vacation.” And I told him: “No, I’ve become more lucid.” And there are already things I don’t want to go through. I love her very much but I warned her, this weekend is going to be very important to me, I need peace of mind, I don’t need anything to make me nervous. He asks me a favor for a friend, but I missed it, because he was with all the promotion. I get a message… What I just picked up my phone and told him: ‘Fuck off’. Not only with that, the message he sent me was even worse. And so I blocked her because I think I don’t deserve it,” she began by saying.

Jorge Javier finished off Belén Esteban staging a break that seems final: «I have stood up for her for many years. I still love her, but at this moment in my life, Belén Rodríguez has no place for her »settled.

The war between Jorge and Belén Rodríguez has collateral damage with a name and surname: Rocío Carrasco. Rocío Jurado’s daughter and the collaborator have always had a very close relationship for a long time, they have been like sisters. Belén has come to give up going to a set in order to defend her great friend.

However, the relationship between them is now going through a moment never seen before, especially since Carrasco has brought his positions closer to Jorge Javier. The fact that the Catalan has presented the programs of In the name of Rocio It has made them intimidate and puts Rocío in a situation of dilemma regarding what position to take in this distance between Belén Rodríguez and him. Something similar to what happens to Las Campos, close friends of this one too. The panorama of her for her is really intriguing.


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