Belén Rodríguez, the great exile from ‘Save me’


Save me is back in the spotlight. A few weeks ago, it came to light that Belén Rodríguez had lent Kiko Hernández the whopping amount of 100,000 euros a few years ago. But she, far from stopping there, the war with the collaborator moved to the entire team, even feeling intimidated by the team that moved near her home. So much so, that she even announced that she would take legal measures against what he considers “harassment”.

What the Telecinco program did not expect is that the collaborator would call the Police to intervene, with two agents appearing at her house to identify the entire team. Although at first Save me wanted build bridges with her and fix the situation, a controversial tweet from Belén broke all ties with the Fuencarral chain. “Thank you for keeping me away from the suspected criminals. Thank you especially for protecting me from the alleged crimes that have been committed against my privacy at my home”, read the publication, thus declaring war on its producer.

Kiko Hernández’s reaction

After the commotion caused by his “blunder”, criticism of his person from his professional colleagues soon began to emerge. One of the first to break with her was Kiko Hernández, who was very hurt with the attitude that he had taken from her. “I will never look at Kiko Hernández in the face again in my life,” Belén declared, to which he replied that what affected him the most was the relationship that her friend had with her daughters. And it is that, although it seemed that everything was left there, her collaborator did not hesitate to charge against her: “I am going to ask by contract not to agree with you.”

Belén Rodríguez and Kiko Hernández in Mediaset / Gtres

After describing what he was doing as “ridiculous”, Kiko assured that their friendship had completely broken off at that moment. “You are getting very lonely. I have loved you very much. I am sorry that you are left so alone, ”she stressed. After this, the collaborator confessed that a war had started. Now, a few days later, it has begun to be rumored that Belén would be in love with him and therefore the great disappointment of both, although it has not been confirmed by any of the parties involved.

The anger of Jorge Javier Vázquez

After this disappointment, more familiar faces began to arrive who claimed to feel disappointed with television. Without going any further, Jorge Javier Vázquez, with whom, to date, he had a good friendship. After blocking her and sending her “to hell”, the presenter assured that Belén no longer had a place in her life: “If there is a person who has stood up for her, it has been me, for many years. I have been a person who has tried to get hired on television shows. In these moments of my life I need relationships that do not distract me, that are healthy, and that are not continually causing me anxiety. I decided to block it with all the lucidity in the world”.

Belén Rodríguez and Jorge Javier Vázquez posing / Gtres
Belén Rodríguez and Jorge Javier Vázquez posing / Gtres

The advice of Belén Esteban

But Pandora’s box did not close there, because Belén Esteban also dedicated a few words to her partner. “I have spoken with her. I was comfortable, neither with shouting nor without shouting. I have a private conversation with her talking about this topic. I told him what I thought,” she communicated. And it is that, for the entire television team, Belén Rodríguez is doing things in the worst way: “The only thing I tell you is: stop sending burofaxes, surround yourself with the people who love you, take a few days We all make mistakes in life and this time you have screwed up”.

Belén Esteban on a set / Telecinco
Belén Esteban on a set / Telecinco

The friendship of Carmen Borrego

Taking advantage of the situation, carmen borrego He also wanted to speak out, revealing the ups and downs that his friendship with the collaborator had had. And it is that, despite the fact that their relationship seemed to be idyllic facing the gallery, the daughter of María Teresa Campos has revealed that it was not like that: “I have been afraid of him, Today she is very friendly and tomorrow she is not. That made me anxious.”


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