Belén Esteban: All the details of her birthday party


After disappointment Surprisingly help me let him For his birthday, Belen Esteban He is ready to carry out his grand celebration of this day at this time. The collaborators hope this is a very special weekend, and what better way to start than having a party next to her TV colleagues. This Friday night, the staff of Telecinco had an appointment with the princess of the town.

The place chosen was the fabulous Kapital room, which is one of the most famous nightclubs in the Madrid community, where Belém has already hosted some other important events. He doesn’t want anyone to fail, which is why he regains confidence in a place that has always been good to him. On Madrid’s iconic Atocha Street, some of the most influential names in Mediaset will be deleted.

Raul Prieto, Belen Esteban and David Valdeperas/Gtres

So far, more than 100 people have confirmed to attend Belen Esteban’s party. A high number can only confirm that Paraqueiros is a very popular woman on the small screen. Her charm makes people indifferent, and her friends will celebrate her birthday with her.

As it happens, several guests currently have problems with each other.Is such that Kiko matamoros with Marta Lopez. After the loving 2021, the last few weeks experienced intense discussions. The reason is nothing more than a video of a collaborator dancing with Alejandra Rubio (Alejandra Rubio), which annoyed the internet celebrities. The two had conflicts, Kiko even told her to leave home, but they seemed to be close to their positions, and they would be together tonight.

The most morbid existence will also be Carmen Borrego with Trelu Campos. The two went to participate in Belém’s birthday in a confrontation, and after some hypothetical information from the second to the first appeared, it was clearly shown that it was impossible for them to reconcile. To cut the tension with a knife, it is necessary to see the actions of both sides in the celebration.

Carmen Borrego and Terelu / Gtres
Carmen Borrego and Terelu Campos, two in one/Gtres

Magazine Week According to reports, 180 participants will spend an unforgettable evening with Belén Esteban.There will be no shortage of them Andrea Gianello, Has always been highly protected by her mother and will not be exposed by the media. As we all know, Jesulín’s ex will pose in front of the media before the party. For her, this is an important day because it is the first time she has returned to normal life after the pandemic. Since she is a person at risk of diabetes, she is especially careful and reduces the number of outings to a minimum. But his 48 years old deserves to be celebrated in the best company. Congratulations, Bethlehem!

Belém Esteban, Andrea de Janeiro
Andrea Janeiro and her mother / Gtres

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