Begoña Villacís and Ana Rosa Quintana’s Unexpectedly Friendly Moment Includes a Kiss


There is no doubt that last Thursday, November 10, has been a day etched in Ana Rosa Quintana’s career, and no exaggeration. That’s it, on the same day, iconic host Anna Rosa Project Merca2 Group for her impeccable career. An emotional event, the reporter was able to dovetail with some professional colleagues such as Susannah Grayalong with other great faces at the national level.

Ana Rosa Quintana Award / Gtres

Such is the case with Begoña Villacís.This Deputy Mayor of Madrid He did not want to miss this trip to the Villa Magna Hotel in the capital to witness a splendid event on a communicative level. This seems normal given his role in politics, although no one can imagine that perhaps his presence at the event was also just for personal reasons. That’s it, Until now, no one noticed the good relationship between Ciudadanos and Ana Rosa as a result of this public appearance.

Ana Rosa Quintana Upcoming Award / Gtres
Ana Rosa Quintana Upcoming Award / Gtres

When communicators are following different media photo call dating itself, Begoña approached her without hesitation, so she stopped intervening in front of the camera, and for good reason. The politician kissed the presenter on the cheek while she said it was a pleasure to meet her in order to find out what has happened to them in recent months. However, not wanting to reveal more details about his future talks in front of the media, Quintana assured Velasis that they would talk later.while the lawyer fades from the prospect of the red carpet, returning all prominence to fellow Joaquin Platt space in the morning Telecommunications company.

Ana Rosa Quintana and Begoña Villacís in action / Gtres
Ana Rosa Quintana and Begoña Villacís in action / Gtres

Continuing his testimony, reporter She has always been very grateful to the organizers of the event, and even after nearly 12 months away from television due to breast cancer, she still values ​​her successful career: “Thank you so much, everything has been especially exciting this year. I communicated very little and had to Said, she’ll communicate better than in previous years, but I’m coming with strength”, the professional points out, clarifying that she’s willing to give everything in the recently launched return of the world of work, where she accompanies his rival and partner Suzanne Grizzo, who was also responsible for awarding him this very special award.As if this were not enough, Ana Rosa would also like to emphasize that from Anna Rosa Projectwhich makes their arrival easier and easier.


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