Bed Bath & Beyond executive identified as man who jumped off Tribeca skyscraper, reports


BUTAccording to a recent publication by The Post, the authorities have identified CFO Beth Bath & Beyond like a man who jumped from Tribeca skyscraper.

The victim was Gustavo Arnal. I jumped from 18th floor 56 Leonard Street. on Friday.

According to, Gustavo Arnal sold 42,513 shares of the company for over 1 million dollars.

Life of Gustavo Arnal

Gustavo Arnal started working in Bed Bath and more in 2020.

Arnal was Avon CFO. He worked for cosmetic giants in London.

Prior to joining Avon, Gustavo Arnal worked for two decades in Procter & Gamble.

According to Insider Trades, Arnal earned almost $3 million With Bed Bath and more between his base salary and shares.

Bet Bat and more lost almost a quarter of the value of his business. According to The Post, the company “announced a restructuring that includes store closures, layoffs and a possible stock offering.”

Beth Bath & Beyond received approx. $500 million as well as reduce your workforce almost a quarter.

Reports guaranteed Bet Bat and more will close 150 stores of the same name.

Gustavo Arnal was not the only one selling shares in the company. The message that announced Ryan Cohen sold his shares in Beth Bath & Beyond.

Tribeca skyscraper

in Tribeca skyscraper The 60-story building, commonly known as jenga building because of its shape.

The Tribeca building has a 1,252 square foot panoramic view.

Wealthy families occupy the building. One of the celebrities living in Jenga building Frank Ocean.


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