Beauty: This is how you should use shampoo to wash your hair, according to a hairdresser


wash hair It is a habit that many people make even on a daily basis, although it is not recommended by experts. And even though we think it’s a simple act to perform, it has its tricks and not just believing that it consists of applying shampoo and conditioner or mask, and then rinse with warm water. Even if you really want your hair to look clean, healthy and shiny, you may want to take notes on the Twitter user @FelicityNicole’s suggestions, hairdresser

Then we will tell you best trick which the professional hairdresser has highlighted and which she shares with thousands of followers.

How to use shampoo properly

The first and most important thing to do is to choose one good shampoo, adapted to our type of hair and its specific needs (fatter, finer, longer …). When it comes to washing hair, we must apply the shampoo twice instead of once. Why? According to the hairdresser, with the first application, what we do is clean it from accumulation of dirt and all oils. Then, with the second, the shampoo fulfills its function: anti-dandruff, smoothing, shine …

ideal is apply the shampoo only to the scalp, without tangling the hair with your hands. Then when we rinse the shampoo, it already flows through the middle and the ends. The next step is to apply conditioner, only from the middle to the ends. We can use our fingers to straighten the hair while the conditioner works.

There are already several users who claim to have followed hairdressing tipsand they say that her hair is much prettier than before.

Which is the best shampoo for our hair

With choose a good shampoo exactly the same thing happens with using it: it seems very simple, but in reality it is not. The most important thing is of course to wash properly. It seems obvious, but not everyone does. Beyond fashion and trends, you need to look at yours hair type and what your specific needs are: if you have a very oily scalp and need to regulate sebum production, if your hair is very fine and you want extra volume …

The best shampoo for your hair

  • For him naturally dark hair moisturizing shampoo is the best of all.
  • For colored hair, a product with color amplifier so that the tone lasts longer.
  • When it comes to curly hair moisturizing shampoo it works very well, while if it is straight, there are volume shampoos on the market that work very well.

The hair is constantly exposed to many free radicals that damage it and make it look dry and dull. In this case, experts recommend choosing shampoos formulated with natural ingredients as almond oil or avocado.

How much shampoo should you have on your hair?

The less amount of shampoo we use, the better for our hair. Shampoos are products that are already very concentrated, so using too much at once is not a good idea. Otherwise, the man is dull and fat.

A shampoo chickpeas if we have short hair or an almond of shampoo if we have long hair. So easy.

The benefits of sulfate-free shampoo

The shampoo with sulfates It removes the concentrated fat in the hair, which makes the hair much cleaner after washing. The problem is that at remove fat A side effect occurs: the body begins to generate more sebum as it discovers that without it the scalp is defenseless. This makes the hair greasy faster and thus goes into a kind of vicious circle: the more we wash the hair to remove the oil, the more oil it appears.

This is the main reason why experts recommend use of shampoo no sulfates. Thanks to them, we achieve better moisture retention, which benefits shine. we can even manage without conditioner because the appearance of the hair is significantly improved from the first application.

This type of shampoo gives a great hydration and nutrition without having to wear masks constantly. To all this we must add that because they do not contain sulfates, they prevent hair breakage and do not cause irritation to the scalp.

What is the ideal frequency for washing hair?

Now that we know how to use the shampoo, it’s time to find out how often to wash it. It basically depends on what our hair type is.

  • If it is torkas and the scalp is drier than normal, it takes longer to get dirty and oily, so we can wash our hair every three or four days.
  • If it is instead fatit must be washed regularly with a cleansing shampoo, every other or every third day.
  • If it is plainwe only have to wash it when it is dirty, given that an increase in frequency can make it lighter greasy.

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