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Fabio Quartararo, the first French world champion in MotoGP history, was born in Nice. Since last weekend, the Riviera City has been proud of its position on the walls, billboards and even… the tram.

Fabio Quartararo’s attachment to his hometown is mutual. At the Centaure Club in Nice, he completed his first lap in a mini-motorbike, inspired by his father who had participated in Bol d’Or twice. Etienne is now a locksmith.Still living in the city with his wife, hairdresser, Martine, and on a short trip to Italy on Sunday to celebrate Their son’s first MotoGP world champion.

Behind his screen, the mayor of Christian Esterosi, the former motorcyclist, did not look away from the young man next to him, and every lap was full of emotion. A few minutes after the game was over and he won the title of Fabio Quartararo, he delivered a speech on RMC: “Fabio is a great champion. We have seen this boy mature season after season. He threw. This is an exploit. The world champion is from Nice and I am really happy. Nice will celebrate its championship today, tomorrow and the coming weeks. We will organize large-scale events such as Camille Muffat, Charlotte Bonnet, Clément Lefert, Hugo Lloris, Mathieu Faivre. Every time, Nice knows how to pay tribute to the champion. This victory was extraordinary. “

Tram with the image of Diablo

After that, it’s time to act. Since Sunday, posters have been hung in front of the town hall, and the same message has been displayed on billboards in Place Massena or Avenue Jean-Medicin: “Fabio Quartararo, MotoGP World Champion. For We are proud of our Nice champions.”

Fabio Quartararo rides the Nice Tram
Fabio Quartararo on the Nice Tram © RMC Sport

The tribute was initiated by Christian Estrosi, who will soon receive the 22-year-old pilot.If the mayor still doesn’t know if he can accommodate “Diablo” Before the end of the World Championships, Nice continued to celebrate his championship.

A statue of Fabio Quartararo (Fabio Quartararo) was posted on a tram in the city at a repair center on Wednesday night. From this Thursday, a train of Line 2 and Line 3 will be in operation in Riviera City, with the pilot’s face written: “Issa Nissa”, “the legendary Niçois”.

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