Beats Fit Pro: design, functions, sound quality and much more.


Beats Fit Pro works just as well with an Android device as it does with an iPhone. Apple-owned Beats is trying to appeal to a broader market, which is working.

The Fit Pro fits like a pro. Most athletes will be satisfied with the sound quality, but the Fit Pro is just as comfortable in the workplace as it is in the gym. Its price is the biggest issue keeping the Beats Fit Pro from hitting gold.

Beats Fit Pro design

It can be attached to the inner ear so that the buds are more secure because it is part of the earphones and has greater flexibility. The Beats Fit Pro comes with two more sets of different sized ear tips in the package to help you get that ideal seal.

Beats Pro-Fit have an IPX4 water resistance rating, which means they should be resistant to sweat. They are not waterproof.

Tactile controllers on the outside of each button let you play, pause, and skip between tracks. A long press activates ambient listening mode, which turns noise cancellation off, and a second long press turns it back on. Six microphones on both earcups help pick up your voice and block out incoming noise.

Finally, the redesigned case is significantly smaller than the one that comes with Powerbeats Pro. It fits comfortably in a pocket and has a smooth, comfortable grip finish.

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Beats Fit Pro price and availability

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro is available for $199 through major online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy and direct from Apple. In addition, it is available in four colors: black, sage gray, stone purple and white.

The sound quality of Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro favors low tones, but only to a point. Bass emphasis is vital, as is typical of training headphones. With each Beats Precise Wireless model, audio quality has improved. When ANC is off, the buttons enter normal mode, which Beats describes as adaptive EQ mode.

It’s not clear if this is the same technology used in the AirPods Pro at the moment, but it changes frequencies in real time to listen to music more accurately.

As for call quality, these headphones are unlikely to be great for business professionals who require crystal-clear audio on their calls. Still, they’d be adequate for someone who only takes the occasional call or two on their headset.

Noise suppression is quite effective. The function mutes background noise to a great extent, allowing you to exercise in different environments or rest at home in solitude.

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Additional characteristics

Beats Fit Pro

When you’re signed in to the same iCloud account, Auto Switching lets you seamlessly switch your audio source from one Apple device to another. Also, the Find My integration helps recover lost earphones, and Beats has verified that it’s improving Find My support for proximity view to find the Fit Pro when it’s nearby accurately.

You can also turn on Background Sounds in Control Center to play natural sounds and hide ambient noises around you.

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Battery duration

According to Beats, the Fit Pro offers the best battery life of any of its earbuds: with ANC on, you’ll get about 6 hours per charge, with an additional 18 hours in the charging case.


Beats Fit Pro is another step forward for Beats and Apple: it fits comfortably and provides a pleasant bass-boosted sound. Auto play/pause is great, and fast charging benefits forgetful athletes.

Still, the Fit Pro isn’t without its limitations. You’ll need to budget $199 for these earbuds, which are a bit more expensive than the AirPods Pro in some cases, and much more expensive than rival exercise earbuds.

Finally, Beats Fit Pro is designed for consumers switching between iOS and Android smartphones, and is another method for Beats to broaden its target population.


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