Beatriz Tajuelo, former Albert Rivera (Albert Rivera), jumped onto the runway

Beatrice Tajuelo Become famous as a husband and wife Albert RiveraBut after he broke up, he continued to make headlines due to his passion for fashion and his new professional influencer.Since then, it’s not uncommon to see her in occasional photos, and Support Spanish fashion. If she became one of the protagonists last year Madrid Fashion Week As a guest attending, this time she took a step on the catwalk.

Beatriz Tajuelo has been able to realize one of her dreams / Gtres

A few hours before the first parade, Beatriz shared her emotions with all her fans through her Instagram profile. “Today Realizing Dreams”, He wrote next to the image in the bathtub, relaxing before facing important events. This is his emotions, and he did not hesitate to share some parts of the process, such as his facial moisturizing, hair and makeup process. «We are all here, very nervous, many people. I won’t teach you too much,” she said, getting ready and getting dressed.

Beatritz appeared in a beautiful wedding dress with great confidence and professionalism.Designer work Jorge de la Rosa Made of bright white fabric, V-shaped neckline, long skirt, decorated with flowing silk shawl. Closing it, she decorated it with long earrings, with a beautiful golden hue and round shape.

Young women have always been very confident/Gtres

«Like inadvertently… A dream come true! Thanks to José Santamaría (Director of Communications) for making this a reality.And all the people who gave me the opportunity to enjoy such a special day Backstage, Good nerves, clothes, makeup and hair… It’s like a model! grateful [email protected] And proud to realize the challenges and dreams (if you want them strongly and focus on them…they will come true)», she later wrote in an Instagram post, thanking everyone who made her visit possible. Santonia Palace.

After the parade was successful, Tajuelo changed his clothes. Continue to enjoy a day full of styleOf course, before he drank a glass of wine and an aperitif to recharge himself and have the energy to continue immersing himself in fashion.

New life after Albert

After breaking up with Albert Rivera, Beatriz Tajuelo decided to change his life and focus on fashion and design. Since then, he has cooperated with Franjul in different ways, not only making accessories, but also making a small shoe box.

She is also a contributor to Mondo Menorca magazine and has created a website. Although it has not been updated since 2020, she focuses on Make yourself an expert in fashion, makeup, food, and of course travel“I will take it step by step because I want to be cautious. On my website I will share what I like. Maybe there will be something for sale soon, but I prefer to take it slowly,” he explained last year. project.

At the moment, it seems that the world Fashion has become his biggest hobbyAnd, as he showed this Wednesday, he is not only good at design, but also good at presenting them to the world.

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