Bea Jarrín and Canales Rivera together? The journalist breaks her silence


Bea Jarrín, reporter for four a day, It has become the protagonist of today when it is involved in the affair of Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez. After giving her version, the journalist has returned to the media spotlight when the alleged relationship she had with a married man and a Telecinco worker came to light: rivera channels. However, she herself has taken it upon herself to deny the rumors on the set of Party.

It has been Aurelio Manzano who has given the information, ensuring that the source from which it comes is completely trustworthy. But Bea has emphatically ruled that she is a complete lie, that the only thing they share is a beautiful friendship. “I tell you all: in life, she is one of those people that I have known, fortunately, for a long time and we get along great,” she has made clear. The journalist also wanted to clarify that she has never talked about her private life and that now he is not going to do it either.

In recent days, there has been much speculation about the private life of an anonymous journalist who has been dotted with the affair between Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez.

“I know what I have done in my life,” he continued saying. But not everything has ended there, since the collaborators have pointed out that they would even have been having dinner together and in absolute solitude. “No, what’s more, it’s true that we’ve talked about having dinner many times, but no, never alone,” she said emphatically. And it is that, everything has started with a project that they sponsored together this summer and that has made their relationship more consolidated. “I have never had anything with Canales that is not a good relationship”has sentenced, making it clear that he has nothing to hide and that he does not understand why he is now taking his personal life on a television set.

After this, Luis Rollán has contacted Canales Rivera, who was in a meeting with friends and his partner. The bullfighter has not hesitated to support his friend Bea and deny the information, claiming to be surprised by what is being speculated about her person. An occasion that the journalist has taken advantage of to call him live. “I am fine, at a meeting of friends. I do not give credit or shape how all these things that are happening can splash usbut well, it is also true that we participate in a show and we must accept it in the best possible way ”, the bullfighter began by saying, who has entered the program on call.

Bea Jarrín in 'Fiesta' / Telecinco
In recent days, there has been much speculation about the private life of an anonymous journalist who has been dotted with the affair between Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez.

“I don’t know how it can splash us to this point, also when we have had a friendly relationship. That My mouth fills with happiness when I see that things are going well for you and you already know it and our friendship goes back many years. I apologize to you personally because you have to splash all this ”, she has been full of compliments towards her friend. In addition, Canales Rivera has wanted to make it clear that she has never had a private dinner with Bea: “I tell you that we have ever had dinner but never, never in private, always with a group of friends.” A few words to which the journalist has reacted with a smile and a phrase that makes clear the good friendship they maintain today: “By God, I ask you, let’s make that dinner.”


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