Batacazo has not been revalidated: the Romans overthrew their first anti-system mayor, Virginia Raggi


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He promised to completely change Rome, but he was unsuccessful in caring for his fellow citizens. Virginia Raj (Rome, 1978), the current mayor of the Eternal City, won one of the largest electoral successes in the history of municipal elections in the Italian capital.

This Tuesday, The Rome Five Star Movement (M5E) counter-representatives failed miserably in the election Continue to maintain the city’s third-largest voter turnout; four of them are on the list of voting powers, and the leadership of the next five years is at stake in front of the Roman Pastor’s Conference. With these results, Raggi could not even choose to take the risk in the second round of two weekends.

Unlike other European cities that aim for the future, competitiveness and sustainability; in June 2016, Rome still faced three physiological problems: garbage, traffic and asphalt conditions. Since taking office, Virginia Raggi is the first woman in Rome’s history to serve as mayor (after decades of unsuccessful power alternation between center-left and center-right city governments), she set a very high After she was elected, “We have occupied Rome”, she continued to confirm once she was appointed as the new leader of Capitol Hill.

However, this Monday, she defended herself by guaranteeing that she had “eaten” the city’s problems, “leaved the way”, and let the next mayor succeed her: “I have restored Rome to the level it should be. No matter who rules it, there is no excuse.”. While the Romans continue to coexist, today, with Garbage is flooding in many neighborhoods of the country’s capital.

In the last municipal elections held in Italy last Sunday and Monday, in the country’s major cities (Milan, Naples, Bologna, Turin), the center-left won; transalpinos’ eyes, most importantly, have not yet been played in Rome It is over and will remain open for a few weeks.

After counting all the votes, In the first round, Rome got the most votes from the center-right wing., Represented by a lawyer Enrico Miketti, Received 30% of the vote, followed by the former Minister of Progress Roberto Gualtieri, Who got 27% of the vote.

Virginia Raggi won 19% of the vote, and former minister Carlo Calenda, who has an independent list, also won 19% of the vote, but lags behind Raggi’s five-star campaign (M5E). As in other parts of Italy, abstentions accounted for a large proportion of these elections, because the participation rate has not even exceeded 49%, which is 8 percentage points less than five years ago.

Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi (Virginia Raggi) in a 2016 photo.


After knowing the voting data of each geographic area of ​​the Eternal City, Virginia Raj doesn’t even believe in the periphery, Who prefers to vote for the center-right; nor does it prefer to choose the independent list or the traditional center-left progressive downtown block represented by the Democratic Party (PD) reformists.

Of course, Raj has managed to consolidate the votes of those who continue to bet on partisanship Anti-establishment In the capital of this country, to some extent, this has paid off for efforts to improve the Eternal City. In view of the overwhelming success achieved five years ago, the Romans punished Raj for his lukewarm actions to bring the city back to life.

For the famous Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano -Never concealed sympathy for the Five-Star Movement (M5E)- “Virginia Raj has always been a bad strategist”, And a speech about their failure, they wrote Fat man, “Always full of resentment and hostility towards his own party,” instead of critically interpreting his election failure.

Even so, the starting point of the Roman government is still very open. Given that no candidate reaches the 50% of the votes required by the Mayor’s Office, the second round of voting will take place in two weeks, on Sunday, October 17 and Monday, October 18.

Virginia Raggi’s next successor will be a man: Enrico Michetti or Roberto Gualtieri

Virginia Raj’s next successor will be a man, Because the contenders to host the Capitol in the second round will be Enrico Miketti, The head selected from the center right Georgia Meloni (Brothers from Italy), Matteo Salvini (League) and Silvio Berlusconi (Forza Italia); and Roberto Gualtieri, The leader of the list created by the former Minister of Economy (2019-2021) and the Democratic Party (PD) to take over the diocese of Rome.

The benefits of failure

Surprisingly, the failure of Virginia Raggi may benefit Italy’s centre-left in the short and long term, which seems unusual. In the short term, in the next two weeks, the Italian reformists’ goal is to seize the mayor of the city from the candidate who has received the most votes today; it can ease the Democratic Socialist (PD) and anti-establishment five-stars in recent years. Differences in the relationship between level exercises (M5E).

There are two factors that can positively influence this possible reconciliation between PD and M5E in order to collect progressive votes throughout the Eternal City.

The first factor is Roberto Gualtieri (PD), left-wing candidate, former minister of economy under the second Italian chief executive of the former prime minister Giuseppe ConteIn recent months, he was appointed as the new leader of the Five-Star Movement (M5E) in order to restart a rafting, the people of Marbella can get more after signing the government of the former president, than the opposite.

The need to build a common front to win the Rome city council election can resolve the historical disputes of the Italian left

The second factor has to do with the evil defeats Virginia Raggi has shown in the past few hours.Several newspapers in the country stated that his “anger” against Giuseppe Conte’s new M5E might support the possible support of a political party Anti-establishment Who is more willing to accept the rebirthism of the Trans-Alpine Left than to represent the eternal outrage that Italy can never rule.

In the long run, the necessity of establishing a common front to win the elections of the Rome City Council can definitely resolve the “historical” dispute-since 2009, the year of the birth of the movement founded by comedians Beppe Grillo-Between the Democratic Party (PD) and the progressives of the Democratic Party Anti-establishment 5 star sports (M5E). In many cities, the center-left has won the majority of seats while also counting on government support. Greenos; In many other places, M5E municipal candidates have achieved trivial results.

Given the success of the center-left in the major trans-alpine cities, this should facilitate a final and structural alliance between PD and M5E, their respective leaders, former presidents of the Italian government Enrico Letta (2013-2014) and Giuseppe Conte (2018-2020), for several weeks, they have been expressing ease and understanding in their eyes to support the reformist alliance in Italy.

The problem is not simple: Although Matteo Salvini (League) and Georgia Meloni (Italian brothers) on the right have not swept The last municipal city among the major cities in the country, Rome is still up for grabsThe sovereign group currently enjoys a 47% approval rate in public opinion polls. There is still a year and a half before the next general election.


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