Barkley on Pippen: “If you want to say something, don’t put it in a book.”


LThursday, November 11, Scottie Pippen constantly attacks Michael Jordan on hold and took the time to make some comments against other former teammates after his short stint at Houston Rockets, Charles Barkley and Hakim Olajuwon

“I thought I was joining a super team to some extent, but it just didn’t work. We just didn’t have the right chemistry and we are aging a little. I felt that it was not suitable for me, obviously after the second back surgery.

“I needed a little more youth around me. I didn’t understand how much Hakim had shrunk in the game. To be honest, I didn’t realize that Charles was not as dedicated as I thought, “Pippen said on Sirius XM NBA Radio.

Barkley: “Just Go Big Game Hunting”

Now Barkley decided to answer Pippen with a class, stating that the only thing that came first. Chicago bulls the star is looking to sell more of her books autobiography Unguarded

“I’ve always liked Scotty, I think he was a very good player,” Barkley said on The Dan Patrick Show. “When you go after Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, he chased me a little, you just go big game hunting because you know it will get a few clicks and sell a few books.”

“Even myself, when people talk about me, they remember the stupid things I’ve done. So no matter what happens, you can’t be angry about it.

While the old friendship between Barkley and Jordan is a thing of the past, Sir Charles seems to side with Michael Jackson in his media feud with Pippen.

“What Michael said in Last Dance was true … but I don’t think Michael was going to fry Scotty. As I said, I just think it looks like this in the first place, if you want to say these things, just say them. Don’t put them in a book! “- added the former star of the Phoenix Suns.

“This is the only problem I face with many of these things. If he wants to come to the Dan Patrick Show and say something, I have no problem with that if he wants to give his opinion. But when you bring it all up, and you just have a book out, I think this is the problem that everyone is facing now, ”Barkley said.

“Scotty is just trying to sell books. I don’t think he is worried about future relationships, future friendships. I think he’s just trying to sell books! ” Barkley added.

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